How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Oct 31 2015

'Darkness and devils!' shouter LEAR
'I'm Not in Love' band TENCC
'Rated ___ everyone' (video game words) EFOR
'Rule, Britannia' composer ARNE
'The Sound of Music' family name TRAPP
'Thereby hangs ___' ATALE
'What a dope I am!' DUH
'You've gotta be kidding!' AWCMON
1987 film flop ISHTAR
A's div ALWEST
About to explode IRATE
Alleviated EASED
Anwar's successor HOSNI
Apple flaws BRUISES
Architect Loos and violinist Busch ADOLFS
Baby buggy PRAM
Bambi aunt ENA
Bank holding LIEN
Bats' paths ARCS
Bearded beast GNU
Big name in water filters PUR
Bit of breakfast magic? RICEKRISPIESTRICK
Buck of baseball's Negro Leagues ONEIL
City on the Ganges PATNA
Cloak-and-dagger type SPY
Courser STEED
Creepy town created by Ira Levin STEPFORD
Cubic Rubik ERNO
Day after dimanche LUNDI
Division politique ETAT
Dora the Explorer's purple squirrel friend TICO
Dreamer's construction AIRCASTLE
Dull drills ROTES
Duracell feature COPPERTOP
Edward's adoptive mother in 'Twilight' ESME
Elliott of 'Ocean's Eleven' GOULD
European freshwater fish TENCH
Execute perfectly DOTOATEE
Fashionista's concern STYLE
Feminizing suffix INE
First decathlon gold medalist at the Olympics THORPE
Follow carefully KEEPTO
For the full orchestra TUTTI
Generous restaurant gesture, made with plastic? CARDTREAT
George who won a Tony for 'La Cage aux Folles' HEARN
German industrial family KRUPPS
Good or bad name, for short REP
Grammy-winning Dr DRE
Green subj ECOL
Gregarious SOCIAL
Group with class STUDENTS
Habitat with clear walls ANTFARM
Halloween option? TREATORTRICK
Haunted house scurriers RATS
Hides one's pill in one's dinner, say? TRICKSLIKEADOG
Hippo tail? DROME
Horse on a strict diet? ONETREATPONY
Housing discriminators REDLINERS
Kate Bush song '___ Be in Love' OHTO
Kubrick's computer HAL
Leaf or Volt ECOCAR
Less spicy MILDER
Listless feeling ENNUI
Long distance meas LTYR
Makes good on REPAYS
Mandela's org ANC
Manhattan-based fashion house DKNY
Mason's carrier HOD
Military actions RAIDS
Milk-Bone for a rabbit or carrot for a pooch? STUPIDPETTREAT
Moral man AESOP
Most memorable moment HIGHSPOT
Movie mystery pooch ASTA
Mt. Kilimanjaro setting AFR
Mullets hide them NAPES
Mystery writer ___ Jackson Braun LILIAN
Nail site TOE
Neptune's largest moon TRITON
Of ___ (more or less) ASORT
OK summer hours CDT
Old word of woe ALACK
One might hang around a deli SALAMI
One of a noted sailing trio PINTA
Organ knob STOP
Oscar winner set in Iran ARGO
Otherwise IFNOT
Page of music PATTI
Part of an Amsterdam bridge game? DUTCHTRICK
Penny candy, e.g.? CHEAPTREAT
Playing a bad practical joke on a noblewoman? NOWAYTOTRICKALADY
Popular Unix scripting language PERL
Potent brew ALE
Pranks a house on Oct. 31 TPS
Prepare beans, in a way REFRY
Proverb ending IAL
Pub fixture TAP
Public argument SCENE
Quaker st PENNA
Reacted to a monster RAN
Readily accessible ATHAND
Rick of 'Ghostbusters' MORANIS
Routing abbr ATTN
Second shot TAKETWO
Sgt.'s superiors LTS
Short-tempered TESTY
Sinusitis spray AFRIN
Sitcom planet ORK
Skater Midori ITO
Small-minded PETTY
Spooks' org CIA
Square dance grouping OCTAD
Tasty tubes PENNE
The 'so few' in a 1940 speech RAF
The Dolphins retired his number 13 MARINO
Tribute from a poet ODE
Triple Crown stats RBIS
Tucker's 'Rush Hour' co-star CHAN
Unbroken INTACT
Vault entrance STEELDOOR
Vintner's sediment LEES
Watch TEND
Way out there AFAR
Went over the limit SPED
Werner who created est courses ERHARD
What a sad person might shed ATEAR
Where to dip your nib INKPOT
Whole bunch TON
With meddling in mind NOSILY
Worker bees, e.g CASTE
World Heritage Site of Jordan PETRA
Writer Calvino ITALO
___ Valley (site of the Reagan library) SIMI
___-wip REDDI
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