How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Oct 22 2016

'Better man than I' of verse GUNGADIN
'I Can' rapper NAS
'Rocky III' co-star MRT
'That's it!' AHA
'The Gondoliers' maiden TESSA
'Them's the breaks!' OHWELL
'This Is Us' network NBCTV
'___ Perpetua' (Idaho motto) ESTO
Accident MISHAP
Actor's major DRAMA
Addict's problem, often DENIAL
Appropriate GLOMONTO
Attitudes POSTURES
Avoid procrastination PLANAHEAD
Bacon pieces ESSAYS
Bad looking? MYOPIA
Be thorough and then some LEA
Bearded ruminant GNU
Biblical brother ESAU
Bring to a near boil SCALD
Brioni buy DRESSTIE
Bulgarian currency LEV
Captures, in a way TAPES
Che accessory BERET
Chrysler Building style ARTDECO
Cold War jet MIG
Common infection, briefly STAPH
Comprises HAS
Consumes DINESON
Covent Garden offering OPERA
Creature with a hood COBRA
Cross all the i's and dot all the t's, say ERR
Cures, in a way SALTS
Designer brand LABEL
Devil dog's org USMC
Discharge SECRETE
Donne and Bradstreet POETS
Ecol. or geol SCI
Eden tree FIG
Exemplar of easiness ABC
Experimental to the point of risk ONTHE
First name in cosmetics ESTEE
Flop DUD
Fr. misses MLLES
From the top ANEW
Full of sauce PERT
Furry falsetto on the tube ELMO
Gives up CEDES
Hathi in 'The Jungle Book,' for one INDIA
Homebodies' propensity INERTIA
Hurtful words SLUR
Image of Pluto, say CEL
Island southeast of Barcelona MINORCA
Isn't fooled by appearances Readsbetweenthe
It may be filtered EMAIL
It may be on the house STUCCO
Ivan ___ ('Rocky IV' boxer) DRAGO
Ivory or Stone DIRECTOR
Jazz locale UTAH
King of Hollywood VIDOR
Laundromat leftover LINT
Leader of the Untouchables NESS
LeBron, for one CAV
Like Blu-ray media OPTICAL
Like some 'Animal Farm' characters OVINE
Lone Star State athlete AGGIE
Low-calorie quaff DIETPOP
Ltr. attachments ENCS
Make cutbacks RETRENCH
Many an emergency contact PRIMARYCAR
Massive mayhem HAVOC
Mathematician Leonhard EULER
Minus LESS
Motel guest's woe, perhaps ROADNOISE
Nails the test ACESIT
Noggin BEAN
NYC commuting option IRT
One unlikely to pass the bar SOT
Page from Google LARRY
Painting surface GESSO
Pair on the flag of Oman SWORDS
PC key ALT
Penultimate letter PSI
Pitching no ERA
Pithy person APHORIST
Player's support TEE
Port on Italy's heel TARANTO
Prepare for action ARM
Remorseful feeling RUE
Response on deck AYESIR
River regulator DAM
Rollover target IRA
Runway workers MODELS
Sault ___ Marie STE
Severe HARSH
Severely squished FLATASA
Show indecisiveness WAVER
Site of intense magnetic activity SUNSPOT
Sounds from flocks AMENS
Spanker, e.g SAIL
Spreadsheet contents DATASET
State that was once a Portuguese province GOA
Striker's demand RAISE
Stud setting EAR
Studio sign ONAIR
Subject of many arias AMORE
Take to the sky AVIATE
Takes in DUPES
Talk show guest's talk, often PLUG
Term of endearment HON
Texter's 'Wow!' OMG
That, in Toledo ESO
They left RFK Stadium after the 2007 season NATS
They may be girded LOINS
They're sold in lots USEDCARS
This one is in Africa NILE
This one is in California NAPA
This one is in central Europe ELBE
This one is in central Europe ODER
This one is in Russia NEVA
This one is in Russia LENA
To a degree, informally SORTA
To-do STIR
Try to get dirt on ASKABOUT
Voice quality TONE
Warning CAVEAT
What V signifies to violinists UPBOW
Whichever you want ANY
Words to live by CREDO
WWII vessel LST
You might select it when calling customer service ESPANOL
[clued elsewhere] NCAKE
[clued elsewhere] NES
[clued elsewhere] EEDINGEDGE
[clued elsewhere] OCTOR
[clued elsewhere] NOSTONEUNTURNED
[clued elsewhere] LEPHANT
___ hand (help) LENDA
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