How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Oct 17 2018

'A mouse!' eek
'Walkabout' director Nicolas roeg
'___ Freak' (2014 Enrique Iglesias song) ima
'___ who?' sez
Account tale
Alternative to 'By Jove!' isay
Announcer's pre-anthem request pleaserise
Appropriate inappropriately usurp
Arbiter of good taste? tongue
Benzoyl peroxide target acne
Boat back in 17-Across ark
Boat back in 28-Across canoe
Boat back in 46-Across raft
Boat back in 61-Across barge
Buds pals
Call center worker agent
Cape wavers toreros
CIO's partner afl
Concord pact
Concord signer ally
Continental capital euros
Cubicle feature desk
Dunk in water immerse
Excited with anticipation allatingle
Eyeball leerat
Eyeball ogle
Fish ladder settings dams
Flight unit step
Gardner of film ava
Genesis victim abel
Get into the pool bet
Gift tag preposition from
Give stars to rate
Go after seek
Hand soap additive aloe
Hardly secret overt
Held a session met
Helen's father zeus
Helen's mother leda
Hosmer with homers eric
Hungry diner's request seconds
Icky buildup crud
In addition else
Increase student competitiveness, perhaps gradeonacurve
Isolated cutoff
Itch urge
Like elephant seals earless
Like some bands and shows oneman
Make a slip err
Make gains grow
Masher's target spud
Mean mutt biter
Mean: Abbr avg
Means for coll. students gpas
Mr. Coffee component carafe
Nephew of Caligula nero
Patella's place knee
Poet Khayyam omar
Pop's partner mom
Power of film tyrone
Processes ways
Recipe amts tsps
Scarlett's home tara
Sensitive handling tact
Sight on many a nightstand clockradio
Smooth transition segue
Some are smoked eels
Some pop groups duos
Something in a jamb door
Stills from YouTube videos, e.g framegrabs
Sudden sharp pain stab
They do the work of the lord tenantfarmers
They protect the quarterback pads
TV dad of Becky, Darlene and D.J. Conner dan
Understanding grasp
Volleyball need net
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