How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Oct 03 2015

'Did you forget about me?' AHEM
'Is there any way for me to get out of this?' MUSTI
'Oh, that's just perfect!' GREAT
'Rico Suave' singer GERARDO
'The Swedish Nightingale' LIND
'Winter of Artifice' author NIN
'You have made two blunders ___ many minutes': Inspector Lestrade INAS
1984 title role for Jeff Bridges STARMAN
1998 National League MVP SOSA
Amusement park souvenir TEE
An emoticon represents one EXPRESSION
Ankles TARSI
Artists Against Fracking co-founder ONO
Ballet bend PLIE
Bearded ruminant GNU
Believer's suffix IST
Bind securely LASH
Block print LINOCUT
BOLO broadcasters PDS
Browning who directed the 1926 silent film 'The Blackbird' TOD
Buff TAN
Caffeinated beans CACAO
Call, e.g OPTION
Capital whose patron saint is Hallvard OSLO
Cathedral parts SPIRES
Charge Dame Nellie with official misconduct? IMPEACHMELBA
Chicago exchange, for short MERC
Collecting Soc. Sec., perhaps RET
Confiscate a baker's wares? IMPOUNDCAKES
Corrida chorus OLES
Count's counterpart EARL
Country music? ANTHEM
Cruet contents OIL
Despicable fellow DASTARD
Destitute state PENURY
Door-opening words LETME
Early heat PRELIM
Emmy broadcast feature CLIPS
Eon divisions ERAS
Failure of judgment LAPSE
FDR power program TVA
Fedora feature BRIM
Field yield CROP
First one-term president ADAMS
Flight segment STAIR
Frequency with which one has sudden urges? IMPULSERATE
George the actor and George the sculptor SEGALS
Gold medalist in figure skating at the Calgary Olympics BOITANO
Gregory Peck's co-star in Hitchcock's 'The Paradine Case' ANNTODD
Hammer head half PEEN
He beat Novak in the 2014 French Open finals RAFAEL
Hearts CORES
Hellfire sale, e.g ARMSDEAL
Hercules, to Zeus SON
Hideout LAIR
Home of a foreign trader? IMPORTERHOUSE
Hypotenuse, e.g SIDE
Introductory section PROEM
Island in the Malay Archipelago TIMOR
Itty-bitty WEE
James in both the Rock and Roll and Blues halls of fame ETTA
Kid in Dagwood's neighborhood ELMO
Landmark originally named Mission San Antonio de Valero ALAMO
Language that gave us 'pemmican' CREE
Like deeper ocean depths INKIER
Lines at the post office? ADDRESS
List of acceptable behavior DOS
Long March leader MAO
Lumbering giant PAULBUNYAN
Mardi Gras king REX
Morgan's mother MARE
Motel restriction NOPETS
Move like a wallaby HOP
Narrow inlet RIA
Neurological gap SYNAPSE
Nickname of slugger David Ortiz BIGPAPI
Not broken UNTAMED
Orleans divider LOIRE
Output of un penseur IDEE
Overture follower ACTI
Oxford educator DON
Peyton's brother ELI
Plastic surgeons? IMPLANTMANAGERS
Poltergeist's output NOISES
Post-harvest celebration FEAST
Prefix meaning 'outer' ECTO
Purpose of fertilizer? IMPROVINGGROUND
Put a contract addition on a spindle? IMPALERIDER
Random drawing DOODLE
Reaction from an angry cat HISS
Red liqueur SLOEGIN
Reformer Lucretia MOTT
Renee of the 1926 silent film 'The Blackbird' ADOREE
Rhine tributary in Germany RUHR
Rhine tributary in Switzerland AAR
Rickey Henderson feat STEAL
Rocker Clapton ERIC
Rodin's 'The Thinker'? IMAGEOFREASON
Rollicking parties BLASTS
Rook, e.g CROW
Row of converted stables, in Britain MEWS
Ruination DOOM
Run amok RIOT
Sales dept. worker AGT
Sarcastic comments SNARK
Silas Marner's ward EPPIE
Site of London, Cambridge and Windsor ONTARIO
Solomonic sorts SAGES
Sonoma harvest GRAPES
Sources FOUNTS
Stop being a couple SPLITUP
Strong criticism FLAK
Taking its toll? PEALING
Their business is picking up BUSES
Their business is picking up MAIDS
They have no class DROPOUTS
They're 7 to 10 on the Beaufort scale GALES
Three-time All Star outfielder Joe RUDI
Time releases ISSUES
Toll plaza divisions LANES
Tourney prize CUP
Triceps attachments ULNAS
Two-time Summer Olympics host ATHENS
Unduly TOO
Unlikely bungee jumpers WIMPS
Up-and-coming RISING
Victor at Chancellorsville LEE
Was loaded HADALOT
WaterSense program org EPA
Way off AFAR
Where Anna Leonowens taught SIAM
Wide shoe letters EEE
Yogi's guide LAMA
___ Paris (prom dress brand) ALYCE
___-relief BAS
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