How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Nov 29 2018

'Coming Home' Oscar winner fonda
All the same still
Avian utterance tweet
Baby's place lap
Bad dog's chew toy shoe
Bakery beckoner aroma
Ballet step pas
Barber creation opera
Be of use avail
Brady's bunch pats
Breviary bit psalm
Calendar entry event
Catch in a lie tripup
Class act test
Co-worker of Jimmy and Lois clark
Computer fodder input
Court feature net
Dealers' bricks kilos
Deceptive move feint
Delighted squeal oooh
Football center air
Game player athlete
Go with the flow drift
Group of brothers frat
Guys, slangily dudes
Hand requirement ante
Hemoglobin component iron
High-elev. places mtns
Hill counterpart dale
Hoard stash
Hopelessly confused lost
In the manner of ala
Informal guffaw laff
Innuendo aficionado West mae
Japan and Iceland are on its board risk
Jason Kidd's 12,091 assists
Knucklehead idiot
Lamb piece essay
Lamb place meadow
Lamb place lea
Malignity evil
Marsh plant sedge
Maze expert rat
Medical drama adverb stat
Mellifluous Beverly sills
Member of Europe's largest ethnic group slav
New York Public Library benefactor astor
No alternative yes
Not perfect human
Oft-mispunctuated possessive its
One Pillar Pagoda location hanoi
Otherwise else
Owns has
Part of a liquid diet soup
Pigskin source? sportswine
Place to buy a boat? shipshop
Preacher's place pulpit
Prone to pry nosy
Pundit who's been persuaded? soldsage
Rational sane
Relay runner's responsibility leg
Seekers of company secrets at a flatware factory? sporkspies
Simple remedy for baldness hat
Sound of mud falling in water kerplop
Speaks hoarsely rasps
Spreads unattractively sprawls
Superficially adorned gilt
That lass she
Theatrical sketch set at a bar? stoolskit
Toon Blast, e.g app
Valued deposit lode
Vodka brand, briefly stoli
Volt/ampere ohm
Wardrobe malfunction at a beauty pageant? sashstray
Wherewithal means
Without freeof
Yearn ache
___-mo slo
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