How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Nov 21 2016

'American Idiot' band GREENDAY
'Poker Face' singer, familiarly GAGA
'___ pasa?' QUE
Agenda unit ITEM
Attacks from the air STRAFES
Began a journey SETOFF
Began a journey LEFT
Bob Dylan's '___ Serve Somebody' GOTTA
Bread with a pocket PITA
Bring home EARN
Brother of Groucho and Harpo CHICO
Brought to a close ENDED
Buddy CHUM
Can't do without NEEDS
Chiding sound TUT
Coin of Cuba PESO
Concerning ABOUT
Convened MET
Cubicle fixture DESK
Deep down ATHEART
Defender of a river area? MOUTHGUARD
Double-reed instruments OBOES
Dumpster emanation ODOR
Emotional request PLEA
Encouraging ROSY
Fallon replaced him LENO
Fashion's Ralph LAUREN
Firefighting tool AXE
First mother EVE
Fissure CLEFT
Furry red Muppet on 'Sesame Street' ELMO
Gardener's packetful SEEDS
Hard to clean GRIMY
Highlight of Act 2 of 'Hamilton' DUEL
Indiana city KOKOMO
Infamous emperor NERO
Informal agreement YEAH
Injured HURT
Juice supplier? SWITCH
Laborers WORKMEN
Letter three after zeta IOTA
Letter three before zeta GAMMA
Like patent leather or satin GLOSSY
Like questions for Siri SPOKEN
Make less unpleasant ASSUAGE
Mal de ___ MER
Mausoleum TOMB
McGregor of 'American Pastoral' EWAN
Military no-show AWOL
Neither follower NOR
Notion IDEA
One fated to fail BORNLOSER
Perimeter EDGE
Position held by the supervisor of a river tributary? BRANCHOFFICE
Practice punching SPAR
Promotes energetically TOUTS
Prompted in the theater CUED
Puttylike explosive PLASTIQUE
Really shine EXCEL
Region with an average elevation around three miles TIBET
Ride-for-hire service UBER
Rock concert sights AMPS
Rocker Clapton ERIC
Silt accumulation along the river's sides? BANKDEPOSITS
Sinuous fish EELS
Strength of the flow where the river empties into the sea? DELTAFORCE
Takes the sloop out SAILS
Tears RIPS
Tennis's Sampras PETE
The Stars and Stripes OLDGLORY
Theatergoers' private boxes LOGES
Tune from an army bugler TAPS
Turn in a Twister game SPIN
With, to Pierre AVEC
Words with tear or tangent ONA
___ Gras MARDI
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