How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Nov 17 2018

'Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette' painter renoir
'___ a Name' (Jim Croce hit) igot
1936 loser to Roosevelt landon
Abbr. in letter salutations messrs
Amorous archer eros
Attempt stab
Barometer reading fair
Bass bit scale
Battery components tests
Be a poor winner gloat
Billboard owner's intent? signbooking
Bread or whiskey basis rye
Bringing up a football player? endrearing
Burden onus
Circus mover's task? bearloading
Comics character with a blanket linus
Commingle mix
Consign relegate
Coward of comedy noel
Cure remedy
Diplomat's pursuit detente
Do better than oneup
Due for a massage achy
Easily byfar
Emmy category drama
Employs uses
Entered, as Tombstone rodeinto
Estimating words orso
Evade, as duty dodge
Evade, as duty shirk
Ever-increasing number age
Evil bad
Exceptional intellect genius
Explorer who claimed the Mississippi Basin for France lasalle
Extinct New Zealand bird moa
Face visage
Feel sympathetic relate
Feminine force yin
Feminine suffix enne
Fresh modern
Frost's bite nip
Green dip, informally guac
Haggard drawn
Half of dos uno
Highway patrol tool radar
Honoree of March parades stpat
Hot spot sauna
Icing aid spatula
If they're clear, they're blue skies
Impersonates on Halloween goesas
In abundance galore
Invite to enter askin
It may die hard, they say oldhabit
It might be within your grasp handle
Itinerary abbr etd
Job for an intern at a brokerage? sharefiling
Joplin composition rag
La Brea stuff tar
Lace town of Normandy alencon
Latin 'others' alia
Like some butter and cashews unsalted
Like the mambo and mojito cuban
Lip sass
Lizardlike saurian
Lowly workers ants
Lunar light moonbeam
Luxor neighbor karnak
MacDowell of 'Groundhog Day' andie
Main line? coast
Marbles, so to speak sanity
Med. sch. course anat
Mess meal chow
Miller's product beer
Mischievous tricksy
Monitor of net income? goalie
More brazen nervier
Motor oil rating org sae
New Haven students elis
Nostalgic pop nehi
Not superficial inner
November winners ins
Outfits rigs
Pal, in hip-hop lingo dawg
Part of an agreement among aquatic theme parks? sharkloaning
Pass enact
Periods eras
Pleasantly smooth satiny
Plot units acres
Poet Plath sylvia
Pork portion loin
Portent omen
Portent, perhaps warning
Prefix with business or culture agri
Preserve posthumously embalm
Prohibits bans
Prospered gotahead
Prosperous fur trader astor
Quaint caprice megrim
Qualified able
Rage choler
Rage ire
Rake casanova
Rookie vampire slayer's mistake? countbeaning
Ruins one's appetite snacks
Rustlers' prey steers
Sacred sculpture pieta
Scenic road driver's duty? bendminding
Self-regard ego
Service group teaset
Siberia neighbor on a Risk board ural
Singer DiFranco ani
Size between tall and venti grande
Snow queen in 'Frozen' elsa
Snowman in 'Frozen' olaf
Some NYPD officers sgts
Speaker's stand rostrum
Sudden movement lunge
Tackle item lure
Tags labels
Take up again rehem
Taking out one's aggressions on packages? boxkicking
Tall and thin lank
Tentative tastes sips
Teutonic exclamation ach
Thin mint product dime
Titled group nobility
Town on the north side of the Windsor Bridge eton
Truck stop sights semis
Tucked away abed
Understands gets
Ventimiglia of 'This Is Us' milo
Vocal quality tone
Vols bks
Washed out drab
WBA win tko
Wept for mourned
What to sing when you don't know the words lala
Wriggling fish eel
___ Domini anno
___ rage roid
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