How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Nov 14 2015

'Cease!' at sea AVAST
'Fanfare for the Common Man' band, for short ELP
'Gangnam Style' singer PSY
'On the Waterfront' director ELIAKAZAN
'Rizzoli & Isles' carrier TNT
'The Avengers' director Whedon JOSS
'What's ___ for me?' INIT
'___ all possible...' IFAT
Alternative form of a gene ALLELE
Animal track SPOOR
Arboreal homes NESTS
Arboretum growth SHRUB
Arizona city YUMA
Baltimore paper SUN
Barracks sights (with an Indianapolis running back) FOOTLOCKERS
Battles VIES
Be a resounding success? ECHO
Blue book filler ESSAY
Boorish fellow LOUT
Breadwinner EARNER
Broadcast component AUDIO
Brought back REVIVED
Brown's party LABOUR
Capital pro ECONOMIST
Celebrity chef Deen PAULA
Coercion DURESS
Color of encre de Chine NOIR
Complex mechanism APPARATUS
Computer-frying burst: Abbr EMP
Convention center do EXPO
Craft that may reach hundreds of knots? MACRAME
Dark, granular rock EMERY
Diamond protectors TARPS
Diner order BLT
Direction suffix ERN
Dog with a corded coat PULI
Domestic dust-up SPAT
Elec. co., e.g UTIL
Everly Brothers hit (with a Buffalo running back) WHENWILLIBELOVED
Family emblems CRESTS
Fanatical follower ZEALOT
Flagstones, e.g SLABS
Flight parts NEWELS
Flight unit STEP
Flow into FEED
Flying off the shelves HOT
Fran Tarkenton's retired number TEN
Free of the bottom, as an anchor ATRIP
GI address letters APO
Good hold'em holding PAIR
Harbor ulterior motives (with a running back from a city found elsewhere in this grid) HAVEANAXETOGRIND
He played Cate's husband in 'Blue Jasmine' ALEC
He was behind 1971's Corrective Revolution SADAT
Hold forth ORATE
Hollywood's Laura and Bruce DERNS
Homeless person, of a sort NOMAD
Horace collection ODES
Hull bottoms BILGES
Increase suddenly SURGE
Invite for dinner, say ASKOVER
Iowa State's location AMES
Is a pioneer GOESFIRST
It goes over most people's heads (with a New York running back) PRIVATEJOKE
Jazz singer/bandleader Skinnay ENNIS
Like the Oscar-winning 'Amadeus' screenplay ADAPTED
List component ITEM
Maryland player, familiarly TERP
Migrating groups VEES
Mom's mom NAN
Monumental EPIC
Movie based on the children's book 'The Sheep-Pig' BABE
Natalie of the Dixie Chicks MAINES
Nave furnishings PEWS
Netman Nastase ILIE
Newsroom newbie CUB
NFL team relocated in 1997 (with a Detroit running back) HOUSTONOILERS
Nick's follower ASTA
Nonanalytic APRIORI
Noon-to-noon periods SOLARDAYS
Numerical prefix TRI
Okay but not great TOLERABLE
One of TV's 'Rugrats' SUSIE
Overindulge SPOIL
Packing a wallop POTENT
Philatelist's sheet PANE
Pianist in panels SCHROEDER
Pier group DOCKS
Pipe section STEM
Pirates of the Caribbean, e.g RIDE
Place for peels SPA
Plan for retirement SAVEUP
Play producer STAGER
Precipitate RASH
Preparatory periods LEADUPS
Preparatory periods EVES
Pronto, in memos ASAP
Protostar makeup GAS
Quarters, informally DIGS
Quite, in Quebec TRES
Reacted to fireworks OOHED
Religious recluse ANCHORITE
Resistor unit MEGOHM
Result of a representative's retirement OPENSEAT
Running back Bush REGGIE
Sch. with the Solid Gold Sound marching band UCLA
Series of gridiron plays DRIVES
Servant of Sauron ORC
Sex educator Shere HITE
So as to produce goose bumps EERILY
Sport timed to the thousandth of a second LUGE
Spouses of tantes ONCLES
Station identification CALLSIGN
Stipulated requirements TERMS
Strong emotion IRE
Succeed in seeming to be PASSAS
Sweet-tart fruit (with a Chicago running back) BRAEBURNAPPLE
Tag info SIZE
Take a loved one from BEREAVE
Take in DUPE
Three-time role for Poitier TIBBS
Title page follower PREFACE
Toon whirler TAZ
Top mark APLUS
Tops in cordiality NICEST
TV series set in Mystic Falls (with an Oakland running back) THEVAMPIREDIARIES
Vaca's mate TORO
Wagner work OPERA
Waimea Bay setting OAHU
With no modifications ASIS
Word that was given in the very first crossword FUN
Words with premium or discount ATA
You can deal with them DECKS
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