How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Nov 09 2007

'Double Fantasy' collaborator ONO
'Fiddler on the Roof' matchmaker YENTE
'Für Elise' is in it AMINOR
'Heavens to Betsy!' EGADS
'O Sole ___' MIO
'Rule, Britannia' composer ARNE
'___ make myself clear?' DOI
'___ to recall...' ISEEM
'___ you!' (challenging words) IDARE
185-country fiscal agcy. IMF
1972 Derby winner ___ Ridge RIVA
1978 Broadway musical EUBIE
1990s Nickelodeon series DOUG
403(b) cousin IRA
Advice from an accountant TAXTIP
Alternative milk source SOYA
Armada activity SEAWAR
Attested to EVINCED
Babysitter's nightmare ATERROR
Back a bad guy ABET
Bag preferred by the devil? PRADA
Bandleader Kay KYSER
Batman between Michael and George VAL
Big galoot LUG
Big galoot APE
Broker's commission from both sides of a sale EACHWAY
Bucks' home MILWAUKEE
Car discontinued in 1927 MODELT
Cellphone strength indicators BARS
Center fielder for the Miracle Mets AGEE
Chain with many links IHOP
Challenger astronaut Judith RESNIK
Coin bearing a two-headed eagle RUBLE
Cold quarters IGLOO
College World Series setting OMAHA
Commodity exchange offerings FUTURES
Company-ending abbr. INC
Composer Morricone ENNIO
Cop's catch PERP
Country singer Gibbs TERRI
Debate participant ARGUER
Disregarded IGNORED
Doc bloc AMA
Drifter NOMAD
Drink topped with nutmeg NOG
Dues payer MEMBER
Enliven, in slang GINUP
Exact VERY
Examine carefully SIFT
Excuse from punishment LETOFF
Features of the White House and Capitol PORTICOS
Fixed charge SETFEE
Food pocket PITA
Food stamp? USDA
Fragrant evergreens FIRS
Frederick's of Hollywood buy TEDDY
From the top ANEW
Get nourishment from FEEDON
Graffiti signature TAG
Grimm villain OGRE
Hacienda hand? MANO
Have a quiet dinner, say DINEALONE
He directed Marlon in 'On the Waterfront' ELIA
Heart chart, for short EKG
Heavy weight TON
High signs? ZODIAC
Hold a second session REMEET
In the dumps LOW
Influence SWAY
Inner fortitude GRIT
Irretrievable LOST
It has no flats or sharps KEYOFC
It's past due TRE
Jai alai ball PELOTA
James Bay natives CREES
Keep in a cellar AGE
Knickknack holder ETAGERE
Kubrick's computer HAL
Kwanza spenders ANGOLANS
Like a situation in which to avoid a sacrifice TWOOUT
Like soufflés EGGY
Marriage acquisition INLAW
Melodic Mel TORME
Mendes of 'We Own the Night' EVA
Michelle and Cass MAMAS
Minimally ATLEAST
Mother of mercy TERESA
Movie about a Brooklyn woman in a Southern courtroom MYCOUSINGINNY
Movie about a female gunslinger (with 'The') OUTLAWROSIEWALES
Movie about a female pet detective GRACEVENTURA
Movie about a female sports agent SHERRYMAGUIRE
Movie about a woman on a camel FLORENCEOFARABIA
Movie about a woman who runs a private investigation agency CARLYSANGELS
Movie about keeping secret the death of a female boss WEEKENDATBERNICES
Movie about two sisters in a Swedish family FANNYANDALEXANDRA
Need a massage ACHE
Not give ___ AFIG
Observatory sighting NOVA
Oodles AHEAP
Quick hit SWAT
Radames's love AIDA
Red ___ (cinnamon candies) HOTS
Remote batteries, often AAS
Response to an order YESSIR
Restaurant guide name ZAGAT
Revved up EAGER
Sap spigot SPILE
School house? FRAT
Scruff NAPE
She's got it coming HEIRESS
Shepherd's warning GRR
Simile center ASA
Slangy turnaround UEY
Spilled the beans SANG
Square dance partner GAL
Start for bucks or deal MEGA
Start for plop or plunk KER
Start of an eyewitness report ISAW
Struck out DELED
Sudden urge IMPULSE
Suit piece VEST
Sweepstakes form ENTRY
Taken in, perhaps ALTERED
Three-time Winter Olympics medalist HENIE
Tomorrow or later ANYDAY
Traveling company TROUPE
Treater's words ONME
Triumphant cry IWON
Two cents SAY
Wanders ROAMS
Water filter brand PUR
Way out EGRESS
Way to go ROUTE
Where Joan of Arc met her end ROUEN
Widths of some spaces ENS
Women with habits NUNS
Works on a soundtrack DUBS
___ choy (Chinese cabbage) BOK
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