How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Nov 03 2018

'...pretty maids all in ___' arow
'Absolument!' oui
'Albert Nobbs' Oscar nominee Janet mcteer
'Deflategate' squad pats
'Don't mind ___' ifido
'Evita' surname peron
'I Love Lucy' star, when broadcast in Japan? dubbedball
'M*A*S*H' extras rns
'Mr. Robot' network usa
'No, you're not!' retort iamso
'On the hoof,' in diner lingo rare
'Persepolis' setting iran
'Rhinoceros' playwright ionesco
'The Jungle Book' setting india
'The Story of the Amulet' writer Edith nesbit
1989 Michael Douglas thriller blackrain
Ambivalent conjunction andor
Ancient assembly places agorae
Andorran aunt tia
Apple aimed at the school market emac
Approaches getsnear
At the drop of ___ ahat
Base patrollers mps
Big name in vacuums oreck
Big picture epic
Bray beginning hee
Bridge bid that's also a Celine Dion song oneheart
Bro's kin sis
Capital two miles high lapaz
Case for needles etui
Charlotte ___, Virgin Islands amalie
Chess legend Mikhail tal
Clog or pump shoe
Cocktail lounge furnished with caned chairs? wickerbar
Coffee merchant's offerings blends
Collusive group cartel
Criticize intensely railon
Cub Scouts pack leader akela
Derriere assessor? backrater
Direction of dawn east
Donkey Kong, e.g ape
Election preceder race
Enter angrily stormin
Erotic steamy
Eschew partisanship, as illustrated eight times in this puzzle crosstheaisle
Fall victim to a con behad
Faucet annoyance drip
Fell face-first atedirt
Former sponsor of the Astros' park enron
Fox trot relative beguine
Ga.-based outbreak tracker cdc
Garden hazards beestings
Garten in the kitchen ina
Gene's 'Young Frankenstein' co-star teri
General store on 'The Waltons' ikes
Give a hoot care
Goalie protectors pads
Gob seafarer
God, in Hebrew adonai
Grape that's also a world capital muscat
Happen again recur
Heads high soars
Heel's come-on? rotterline
Highlands tongue erse
Hit letters sro
Hockey player's feint deke
Hood penalized with a pay cut? punkdocked
Hotel door feature eyehole
Hotel options suites
How models are often built toscale
Ideal locales edens
In a frenzy amok
Invite to the penthouse, say askup
It may help you change your mind therapy
Jabbed a Mordor mountain? pokeddoom
Jeter and Jacobi dereks
Just between kings? siretosire
Keebler's Ernie, e.g elf
Kneecaps patellae
Like some lattes iced
Like Strindberg's 'Pariah' oneact
Limit spurner speeddemon
Long Island town south of Oyster Bay syosset
Loud signal airhorn
Lowlife who advises against flossing? dentalcad
Lyra's brightest vega
Marker chit
New Deal lending prog nha
Not moving inert
O. Henry specialty irony
Office newbie trainee
Oilers, now titans
ORD estimates etas
Oscar-nominated title role for Peter Fonda ulee
Overalls section bib
Pageant props tiaras
Panini cheese asiago
Pen name bic
Piece for paste-up repro
Poetic foot iamb
Pound part cage
Precipitated ledto
Repeat mechanically parrot
Response to 'Anybody home?' inhere
Rings of light aureoles
Runways for big models tarmacs
Sensei's skill karate
Set straight orient
Shore sidler crab
Show little interest in, as a meal pickat
Signs off on oks
Skin bump wart
Smokes introduced in 1956 salems
Some electric autos teslas
Some provide relief maps
Southwestern people navahoes
Spy novelist Steinhauer olen
Steep-roofed structure aframe
Stereotypical Aussie greeting gdaymate
Stick in the river oar
Story that often goes unfinished attic
Subs bteam
Summer time? discoera
Supplements addsto
Ten micronewtons dyne
Tennis analyst Mary carillo
That guy him
To be, to Burgundians etre
To ___ (perfectly) atee
Torture device waterboard
Tribal emblems totems
Trig. function cos
Video-compressing algorithm encoder
Walking together in the park, say onadate
What a British napper catches zeds
What a Greek napper catches zetas
What an American napper catches zees
Where Achilles fell troy
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