How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Nov 03 2016

'A Visit from the Goon Squad' author Jennifer EGAN
'Haven't heard anything' NONEWS
2012 Mark Wahlberg movie TED
Abbr. on some schedules IRS
Ballpark figure STAT
Bollywood costume SARI
Broken up INTEARS
Cafeteria covers HAIRNETS
Calf's counterpart SHIN
Come into INHERIT
Comportment MIEN
Conductor who won more Grammys than any other person SOLTI
Cone counterpart ROD
Confuses ADDLES
Containing tin STANNIC
Cruel treatment SADISM
Darling of Paris HELEN
David Byrne, e.g SCOT
Decision makers at Monsters, Inc.? DEMONBOARD
Dial in a shower SOAP
Distance traveled by sailing at one knot for an hour SEAMILE
Fast time RAMADAN
Fax button SEND
Flooring calculation AREA
Gallery events ARTSALES
Game played with a knife CLUE
Had a shot DRANK
Honoree of a Philae temple ISIS
Is for many people ARE
It means little to a Parisian PETIT
It's repelled by a cathode ANION
Jazzman's instrument AXE
Kicking bird EMU
Like some schoolhouses ONEROOM
Lisa's co-star in 'Romy and Michele's High School Reunion' MIRA
Menu choice for the fallible UNDO
My, to a monarch OUR
Olympic swimmer Torres DARA
Paper cutters? EDITORS
Paramore's specialty EMO
Present MODERN
Public outbursts SCENES
Red state IRE
Ritzy wraps STOLES
Robot in 2015's 'Ex Machina' AVA
Rooster's equivalent of a snooze alarm? REPEATCROW
Scores, e.g MUSIC
Self-referential META
Settings of some vaults APSES
Shooting star, perhaps OMEN
Show how to run the second-largest country? DEMOCANADA
Slalom makeup ESSES
Steve with three Contemporary Folk Grammys EARLE
Stock holder BARN
Stoner greeting DUDE
Streamlined, in brand names AERO
Substantial reads EPICS
Super stoked AMPED
Swindles that involve the Dow? INDEXCONS
Tape a ripped envelope? REPAIRMAIL
Tart quaff LIMEADE
Tie securer CLASP
Travel magazine advertisers INNS
Tres plus cuatro SIETE
Trickster's targets SAPS
Unduly TOO
Whistle rattler PEA
Without a break ONEND
Woody's six-time co-star DIANE
World view MAP
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