How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Nov 01 2018

'Beg pardon?' what
'EastEnders' network bbc
'I'm good with it,' or a description of eight occurrences in this puzzle okbyme
'Saturn Devouring His Son' painter goya
'Stand and Deliver' Oscar nominee olmos
2009 Hilary Swank biopic amelia
Absorbed rapt
Angular measure radian
Another, in Andalucia otra
Bannister, e.g miler
Barbecue staple smokedmeat
Base of the Tokugawa shoguns edo
Best Picture winner about a Bronx butcher marty
Biases skews
Bochco project between 'Hill Street Blues' and 'NYPD Blue' lalaw
Boo-boo owie
Bottom-line no amt
Celebrity profile revisions? nosejobs
Cheerios base oat
Consider hear
Crapshooter's entreaty cometopapa
Creature about half as tall as a Wookiee ewok
Cuts from the cloth defrocks
Dr. Zaius, for one ape
Electrified live
Embarks setsoff
Feint by a Flyer deke
General carrier jeep
Give voice to air
Good at guile sly
Great divide gulf
He or I elem
Heats at meets races
Hurdles for MBA hopefuls gmats
Induction requirement, often oath
It's played with a rope and knife clue
Land in the Loire ile
Laptop that may run Google Classroom chromebook
Livy's love amor
Media di due e quattro tre
Nike founder Knight phil
One of the fire signs leo
Packing armed
Parting target hair
PC's video-handling chip gpu
Pen holder? cell
Plotted cookedupascheme
Police lines cordons
Potsticker's place wok
Pull an all-nighter, perhaps cram
Put together made
Reduce bank deposits, say erode
Reservoir upriver of the Grand Canyon lakepowell
Rootless one nomad
Sarcastic words to a klutz smoothmove
Skeevy look leer
Slimy pod okra
Snap event of 2017 ipo
Snitch-catching Quidditch position seeker
Squander blow
Squeeze (out) eke
Star quality glamor
Stately display pomp
Techie, stereotypically geek
They end with a show of hands pokergames
They're picked by some Hawaiians ukes
Trade groups guilds
Troubles nagsat
TV blogger's posts recaps
Upgrade at the terminal reseat
Utterly defeat, informally own
Vixen's baby kit
Wear garb
Went like gangbusters boomed
Work period week
___ Spiegel der
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