How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Nov 01 2013

'Cyrano de Bergerac' playwright ROSTAND
'Scram!' BEATIT
'Shoot!' DARNIT
12-book poem AENEID
2007 Ken Burns series THEWAR
A TD nets six PTS
Add at no extra cost TOSSIN
Appraisal amts ESTS
Arid expanse of eastern Asia GOBI
Arid expanse of western Asia ARABIA
As of now YET
As of now TODATE
Assail SETAT
Asset for a sports official FAIRNESS
Austrian article DER
Avenue shader ELM
Back, in a way FINANCE
Bad-mouthed, say DISSED
Bakers' gadget SIEVE
Beta carotene and the like ISOMERS
Beth preceder ALEPH
Bills manager, for short CFO
Bitter lines repeated in a song? ACIDREFRAIN
Block component CELL
Bloodsucking fly TSETSE
Blow the whistle TELL
Bolden of the Broncos OMAR
Bow in the movies CLARA
Break in relations RIFT
Buccaneers' score TREASURE
By surprise ABACK
Calls for NEEDS
Canvas shoes TENNIES
Car-waxing aid RAG
Chinese secret society TONG
College board member REGENT
Colt's mouthpiece BIT
Columbus landfall of 1492 HAITI
Company dropped from the Dow in 2013 ALCOA
Cowboy's equipment LARIAT
Craving YEN
Craving URGE
Destroy by degrees ERODE
Devour greedily SNARF
Dimwitted OBTUSE
Distillation leftovers RESIDUES
Distillery sight VAT
Draws out EDUCES
End for Canton ESE
English muffin look-alike CRUMPET
Enlightened EDIFIED
Eon subdivision ERA
Everybody likes Junior more than his sisters? PEOPLEPREFERSON
Fake's opposite REAL
Falcons' spots ROOSTS
First and foremost ABOVEALL
First job when editing a book? CHANGEOFPREFACE
Following rules exactly STRICT
Found groovy DUG
Fruit basket item PEAR
Game with a lot of drives GOLF
General drift TENOR
Get sunburned, so to speak FRY
Gossip column item TIDBIT
Gridiron component BAR
Grueling experience ORDEAL
His work is on the house ROOFER
Home of college football's Cyclones AMES
Home of college football's Wyoming Cowboys LARAMIE
How most maps are drawn TOSCALE
Ian of 'The Hobbit' HOLM
Ipso ___ FACTO
Ironic nickname for New York under Mayor Lindsay FUNCITY
It may be read once a month GASMETER
Jet stream heading EAST
Keep out of sight HOLEUP
Kicker's aid TEE
Lang. that gives us 'blitz' GER
Lay into SCOLD
Least sweet DRYEST
Like some training BASIC
Like Vivaldi's Gloria CHORAL
Little dickens IMP
Make a run for it BOLT
Make prohibitions more refined? RAREFYBANS
Make slow progress PLOD
Making a 60-yard field goal, e.g FEAT
Market watchdog, for short SEC
Merchant taking back a damaged pillow? DOWNREFUNDER
Miami-to-NYC heading NNE
Motorist's reading SIGNAGE
Narrowly BYAHAIR
New Deal org TVA
Nobel-winning Norwegian author Undset SIGRID
Ominous note from the boss SEEME
One who just says no? DRUGREFUSER
Oreo filling CREME
Out of luck SCREWED
Play clock units SECONDS
Punters, e.g BOATMEN
Reacts to a bad call BOOS
Reprise Records founder SINATRA
Result of a successful pharmacy visit? REFILLGOTTEN
Right Guard rival ARRID
Running back Armstrong OTIS
Scala of 'The Guns of Navarone' GIA
Severely criticizes RIPS
Signaled a timeout, say GESTURED
Skyscraper support IBEAM
Some fundraisers FETES
Sporting individual? WEARER
St. Louis player RAM
Stadium worker USHER
Still in the glass, perhaps UNSPILT
Stimulated FUELED
Stink to high heaven REEK
Suffering a loss, without a doubt? SUREBEREFT
Suffix in moisturizer names DERM
Superb, in bygone slang DEF
Tea taster, e.g SIPPER
Teamwork obstacle EGO
This and this THESE
Tissue mass NODE
Toward the stern ABAFT
Tried to claw open TOREAT
Trophy hunter's quarry STAG
Try to tackle ADDRESS
Vigorous ROBUST
Warren Moon's jersey number ONE
When the NFL's postseason ends FEB
When the NFL's season starts SEPT
Wild outing SPREE
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