How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal May 30 2014

'A Place in the Sun' star CLIFT
'Damn Yankees' choreographer FOSSE
'Dig in!' EAT
'Hostel' director Roth ELI
'How come?' WHYSO
'It all gets done somehow' IMANAGE
'Make up your mind!' YESORNO
'Modern Family' actor EDONEILL
'Our Gang' pooch PETEY
'Oz the Great and Powerful' director RAIMI
'Vissi d' ___' (Puccini aria) ARTE
'You said it!' AMEN
A mullet covers it NAPE
Advertiser's choice RADIO
Aerobatic maneuver IMMELMANNTURN
Alexander and Lee JASONS
Alternatives to pensions IRAS
Amazon.com icon CART
Amusement park lure RIDE
Annual Austin music and film festival SXSW
Antarctica's Prince ___ Mountains OLAV
Approach evening LATEN
Ascot's cousin CRAVAT
Autumn Harvest Uprising leader MAO
Big money maker MINT
Big name in desserts SARALEE
Bill of sale? DOLLAR
Blanche's sister STELLA
Blown away INAWE
Blues scores GOALS
Board finish MATE
Brewskis SUDS
Came to blows HADATIT
Capone chaser NESS
Cause for an underground movement FAULT
Celebrants' doings RITES
Challenge for a translator SLANG
Christmas loaves STOLLENS
City north of the Golden Gate Bridge SAUSALITO
Clarifying words IDEST
Collaborator with Duchamp ERNST
Commencement ONSET
Corp. subdivision DEPT
Costing a pretty penny DEAR
Country great Haggard MERLE
Crush, e.g SODA
Cry from atop a chair EEK
Cutting-edge feature SAWTOOTH
Day break? NAP
Degree div MIN
Delight in RELISH
Dried poblano pepper ANCHO
Emblematic animal TOTEM
Endured BORE
Extemporizes VAMPS
Faith with five pillars ISLAM
Fan club focus IDOL
Fighting fowl COCK
Fit for guard duty ALERT
Flammable solvent ETHER
Flecktones bassist Victor WOOTEN
Formerly, formerly ERST
Fox show since 1989 COPS
Freedom-promoting broadcaster: Abbr VOA
Front wheel divergence TOEOUT
Ham serving SLICE
Handle, as a velodrome curve LEANINTO
House coat PAINT
It was redesigned in 1946 DIME
Job for a caterer EVENT
John Irving's '___ of the Circus' ASON
Least friendly ICIEST
Left on a cruise? PORT
Libertine ROUE
Like many a thriller TAUT
Like Willie Nelson's singing NASAL
Logarithm inventor John NAPIER
Mace, for one SPICE
Madonna's 'A League of Their Own' role MAE
Makeshift river float INNERTUBE
Manet's 'Olympia,' e.g NUDE
Manipulate PLY
Mix flicks OATERS
Moth-eaten TATTY
Mr. Roberts portrayer FONDA
Nephritic RENAL
Nervous laugh TITTER
Network points NODES
New in theaters FIRSTRUN
No longer functional SHOT
Noah count? TWOS
Not fair, in a way RAINING
Not up INBED
Number of stripes on the flag of Deutschland DREI
Number of stripes on the flag of Italia TRE
Ollie's ally STAN
Org. opposed to speciesism PETA
Patrick's 'Ghost' co-star DEMI
Pertaining to 112-Down APIAN
Phishing line? IDENTITYTHEFT
Piano string makeup STEEL
Pilot producer HONDA
Place removed from worldly concerns IVORYTOWER
Prepare Swiss steak BRAISE
Proud parents PAPAS
Psychoanalyst's tool INKBLOTTEST
Quotable catcher BERRA
Regal trim ERMINE
Retainer, e.g FEE
Rock's ___ Fighters FOO
Rogers's partner EVANS
Rub the wrong way ANNOY
Rugby's river AVON
Ryan of 'Star Trek: Voyager' JERI
Serengeti sprinter OSTRICH
Show leader EMCEE
Singing sisters on 'The Lawrence Welk Show' LENNONS
Site of a 1776 Washington victory TRENTON
Slip up ERR
Smartphone component CPU
Spillway setting DAM
Super Bowl sight BLIMP
Supermarket section DELI
Tiki and Ronde Barber, e.g IDENTICALTWINS
To some extent, after 'after' ASORT
Understanding KEN
USN personnel whose mess is called the 'goat locker' CPOS
Warning that may be safely ignored IDLETHREAT
Welles and Bean ORSONS
Witness's words IDO
Work whose title character is Manrico ILTROVATORE
Worker, for one BEE
You can talk to Siri on one IPODTOUCH
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