How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal May 29 2015

'A Tale of Two Cities' heroine LUCIE
'Ars Amatoria' poet OVID
'Conan' carrier TBS
'Going Rogue' author PALIN
'I haven't the foggiest!' GOTME
'Understand?' YOUSEE
'___ of traitors!' ('The Winter's Tale' cry) ANEST
'___ who?' SEZ
Acclaimed HBO drama set in Baltimore THEWIRE
Actually existing INESSE
Agnus ___ DEI
Alley in the comics OOP
Alpine road section ESS
AriZona rival NESTEA
Attack as a pack GANGUPON
Badger NAG
Bag for the ransom money? KIDNAPSACK
Baked in a shallow dish SHIRRED
Banded stone ONYX
Big name in chips INTEL
Blow up on a blog RANT
Brake component DISC
Brewery fixture VAT
Bull Run, to Confederates MANASSAS
Call on TAP
Call to a battlefield medic IMHIT
Camp conveyance CANOE
Carried on WAGED
Cause of split ends, perhaps DRYNESS
Choice invitees ALIST
City across the border from Buffalo FORTERIE
Classic Ford LTD
Co-founder of Beats Electronics DRE
Conspicuous OVERT
Conversation piece? WORD
Crotchety fellow GEEZER
Destination from the E.R ICU
Drea's role on 'The Sopranos' ADRIANA
Duke University site DURHAM
Esoteric ARCANE
Exchanged greetings HELLOS
Expected DUE
Factors in chem class PHS
Fannie of film and fiction FLAGG
Fermi or Einstein EMIGRE
Fork-tailed fliers TERNS
Former co-host of Barbara and Joy ROSIE
Former co-host of Barbara and Joy SHERRI
Fuming IRATE
Gen ___ XER
Get lodgings in STAYAT
Gets the last bit of, as gravy SOPSUP
Glass on the radio IRA
Hairstyle for many a female gymnast? SPORTSBRAID
Hard to stir STOLID
Head of the Hells Angels? RIDINGLEADER
Herbert of the Pink Panther films LOM
Hysterical person RIOT
Inconvenience HEADACHE
Is reminiscent of EVOKES
It may be protected by a Smart Cover IPAD
Language spoken in Turkey and Iraq KURDISH
Lawn game BOCCI
Legal conclusion ESE
Lend ___ (listen) ANEAR
Liberal arts maj SOC
Likable pol of the 1950s IKE
Like a hedgehog SPINY
Loser to JFK RMN
Makes one's granny look better? TIDIESAKNOT
McConnell's counterpart REID
Meekest of Taylor's husbands? TIMIDBURTON
Miso soup or green tea? ASIANFLUID
Month of fasting RAMADAN
Narrow route PASS
National headquarters of Dr Pepper PLANO
Neckline shape VEE
Nickelodeon rating TVG
Nike rival ASICS
Not long from now INADAY
Not neg POS
One of eight Brit. kings EDW
Only crime defined in the Constitution TREASON
Ornamental climber IVY
Oscar winner for 'Little Miss Sunshine' ARKIN
Owner of the title car in Stephen King's 'Christine' ARNIE
Pair of performers DUO
Paul in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame LES
Performers who work prestissimo? RAPIDSINGERS
Peyton Manning, in college VOL
Portfolio part FUND
Professional gps ASSNS
Quick flashes GLINTS
Racing family name UNSER
Rear end TUSH
Request to a cardiologist for a blood test? READMYLIPIDS
Robber's advance man CASER
Robbins of Baskin-Robbins IRV
Roger of 'Cheers' REES
Saturn's largest moon TITAN
Screener's org TSA
Sit in on, as a class AUDIT
Slangy event suffix ORAMA
Slayer of the dragon of Delphi APOLLO
Sleep Dr.? DENTON
Small seed OVULE
Snoring victims BEDMATES
Sound from above CHIRP
State as fact AFFIRM
Stopping by ONAVISIT
Story line SCENARIO
Tell off a revolutionary? CHIDEGUEVARA
Till bill ONE
Till bill TEN
Treats similar to Yodels HOHOS
U.S. matchmaker? AMERICASCUPID
Unrivaled PEERLESS
Vice president who doesn't play rough? GENTLEBIDEN
Wants for nothing HASITALL
Way to a person's heart? VENACAVA
Weary state ENNUI
Wes in the Basketball Hall of Fame UNSELD
When the French fry ETE
Where Starbucks started SEATTLE
Wispy clouds CIRRI
Worked at home UMPED
Wrecked room STY
___ Brava (region of Spain) COSTA
___ Plaines DES
___ prof ASST
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