How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal May 26 2018

'...and took from thence ___': 'Paradise Lost' arib
'Criminal Minds' carrier cbs
'CSI' collection dna
'Evil Woman' band elo
'Your Pet, Our Passion' brand purina
1919 hit song '___ Through' smilin
1971 Tony nominee Larry kert
Academy of arms equipment epees
Arc for Ophelia goingmad
B vitamin acid folic
Badminton need net
Beam in a vacuum tube cathoderay
Bean for Kobe Bryant, e.g middlename
Benefit from finduseful
Butterfly title madama
C.S. Forester's '___ of the Line' aship
Cal. column heading thu
Catcher's wear mask
Clarifying words imean
Classic Pontiac gto
Coin of Gaul sou
Color slightly tinge
Company in a 2001 scandal enron
Considers mulls
Copy illegally pirate
Copying, in cuisine ala
Country quarters inns
Crashing asleep
Crosses the stream, perhaps wades
Cry from Homer doh
Decorated on Halloween, perhaps egged
Defeats thoroughly drubs
Deposit in some banks ore
Disney film set in Polynesia moana
Dogged tenacious
Express trains limiteds
Flat even
Former Fox News CEO ailes
Former Italian coin lira
From, from Frankfurt von
Garnet or ruby red
Golf's Ernie els
Gough of Broadway's 'Angels in America' denise
Grafton's '___ for Ricochet' ris
Hack off lop
Happened to befell
He played Zed in 'Men in Black' riptorn
Hirsch of 'Into the Wild' emile
Historic period age
Hydroxyl compounds enols
Idiosyncrasy tic
Impedimenta gear
In need of whetting dull
Intertidal source of shellfish musselbeds
Latitude leeway
Like some Chihuahuas' eyes closeset
Loser to Obama romney
Luther's lang ger
Luxury auto introduced in 1985 acuralegend
Magna ___ carta
Major game show prize newcar
Many a Christmas tree fir
Meghan's aunt-in-law anne
Mesopotamians' supreme deity anu
Mideast carrier elal
Mobile setting alabama
Mole, e.g agent
Mole, e.g spy
Mundane banal
Natural sweetener cloverhoney
NBA Coach of the Year Award winner for three different teams riley
Nephew of Cain enos
Oblique slanty
Omit phonetically elide
One with a paperless return efiler
Open-front jackets etons
Org. addressed by a 64-Down irs
Pan, e.g god
Peaty place bog
Play groups? audiences
Polygraph exciter lie
Port authority's specialty oenology
Publisher Nast conde
Puma parts soles
Punishes for freshness slaps
Racket scam
Real go-getter dynamo
Reduce by degrees erode
Rehab woes dts
Rejected walking, perhaps calledanuber
River that runs through 111-Across danube
River that runs through 23-Across ebro
River that runs through 35-Across ural
River that runs through 42-Across lena
River that runs through 67-Across elbe
River that runs through 69-Across indus
River that runs through 86-Across oder
River that runs through 94-Across rhone
Riverbank baskers turtles
Salsa's kin rumba
Scalawag rogue
Securities trader, for short arb
See 78-Down adent
Self sense ego
Series installments, for short eps
Setting setting table
Short swim onelap
Shrinking sea of Asia aral
Skate park address dude
Smirnoff rival, familiarly stoli
Snug bug's place inarug
Soft mineral talc
Software shortcut macro
Staff stuff music
Stands arises
Start-up need capital
Stiffly proper staid
Stocking stuffer leg
Strict follower rigorist
Subject of a famed Financial District statue bull
Surfer wannabe hodad
T in telegraphy dash
Target of a filter, often email
Telemundo's 'La Reina del Sur,' e.g novela
The Big Easy, familiarly nola
The end of ___ anera
Theater awards obies
They make the cut shears
They may be accessed via manholes mains
They may be covert ops
They're spotted in casinos dice
Thick cut slab
Tom's 'Jerry Maguire' co-star renee
Traditional wearers of black badguys
Trail lag
Trite old
Twines together enlaces
Vie for the attention of pullat
Wearer of a zigzag shirt charliebrown
White Lady ingredient gin
With 83-Across, showed slight progress made
Work-tracking aid timecard
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