How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal May 25 2007

'...and the case against me was presented by some very ___' SPECIALPROSECUTORS
'...and they sent my case to what were clearly the ___' SUPERIORCOURTS
'...but he decided on life instead, with time off for my stupendously ___' GOODBEHAVIOR
'...having robbed an utterly ___' PERFECTSTRANGER
'Back to the Future' hero Marty ___ MCFLY
'Blood hath been shed ___ now': Macbeth ERE
'Captain Blood' star FLYNN
'Evangeline' setting ACADIA
'I suspected as much!' AHA
'I was caught committing a wonderfully ___...' GRANDLARCENY
'The judge was tempted to give me an absolutely ___...' CAPITALSENTENCE
'The police noticed that I had a simply ___...' OUTSTANDINGWARRANT
'They'd assembled what could only be described as a ___...' BLUERIBBONJURY
'___ Funny That Way' (1928 song) SHES
'___ you heard?' HAVENT
100-dinar coin RIAL
2001 Jim Carrey flop THEMAJESTIC
Accepts unquestioningly BUYS
Acrobatic feats FLIPS
Add fizz to AERATE
Amigo BRO
Bad time in the Senate IDES
Baja grocery BODEGA
Bar assn. members ATTS
Beach ball? LUAU
Blender button PUREE
Bore, as a cost ATE
Boxy vehicle VAN
Brewpub offering ALE
Bring into play USE
Brisk pace TROT
Bugbear BANE
Caboose setting REAR
Canada's largest native tribe CREE
Catbird seat? PERCH
Certain Ivy Leaguer ELI
City on Grand Bahama FREEPORT
Climber's challenge ALP
Clock face number III
Company name abbr. LTD
Company name abbr. INC
Cook's chopper DICER
Cornfield cry CAW
Coverage corp. HMO
Cravings YENS
Cut off LOP
Defeat and then some TROUNCE
Departure notice OBIT
Displeased expression MOUE
Don't just sit there ACT
Einstein's birthplace ULM
EMT's forte CPR
Energy drink additive GINSENG
Entertainment director EMCEE
Extinguishes PUTSOUT
Fake ID user, often TEEN
Film in which Ed Asner plays Santa ELF
First name in horror LON
Fish market features ODORS
Flecked steed ROAN
Fly catcher WEB
Full of tricks SLY
Fully grown RIPE
Go ___ errand ONAN
Green sticks? PUTTERS
Handled beautifully DONETOAT
Hexahedron CUBE
Higher than normal RAISED
How expensive goods may be bought ONCREDIT
Hymn finisher AMEN
Imprecise LOOSE
Indebtedness HOCK
Indonesian tourist destination BALI
Jazz singer Laine CLEO
Joaquin's 'Walk the Line' co-star REESE
Johnny Bench's team REDS
LAN devices NODES
Last human city in the 'Matrix' movies ZION
Last name of a Melville seaman BUDD
Lee of Spider-Man fame STAN
Legal plea, for short NOLO
Mayberry's town drunk OTIS
Memo header INRE
Military map's focus TERRAIN
Millstone ONUS
Modern attack helicopter APACHE
Montmartre street-scene painter UTRILLO
Monument Valley sight MESA
Official language of Pakistan URDU
Oilcan parts SPOUTS
Parking meter parts TIMERS
Pastoral plaints BAAS
PC key ALT
Picker-uppers? SENSES
Plundered wealth SPOILS
Pointers, say DOGS
Racing family surname UNSER
Rapier's cousin EPEE
Ready to drop BONETIRED
Rendering immobile, as a schooner BECALMING
Rival of Jimmy and Bjorn ILIE
Rude lads WHELPS
Ryder Cup side USA
Saison après printemps ETE
Serpentine swimmer EEL
Shell game need PEA
Showing common courtesy CIVIL
Sicilian smoker ETNA
Site of three WWI battles YPRES
Slip by ELAPSE
Some vintage baseball cards FLEERS
Starchy food obtained from palms SAGO
Stylistically bold AVANT
Super Bowl showpieces ADS
Supply an address ORATE
Swimmer Thorpe IAN
Takes a liking to FANCIES
Talk unreservedly with OPENUPTO
Target of some notes SELF
They make lists BESTSELLERS
They may grant immunity INOCULA
They span many generations SAGAS
Too passionate OVERFOND
Transcript stat GPA
Transvaal farmer BOER
Tumbledown DECREPIT
Uncle Remus honorific BRER
Very much NOEND
Voice of Tweety and Daffy MEL
WBA wins KOS
Wealthy biblical kingdom SHEBA
Web-footed mammals OTTERS
Whitetail, for one DEER
Wingtip, e.g. TOEPIECE
Youngest Marx brother ZEPPO
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