How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal May 21 2019

'Pick ___' (magic trick start) acard
'So that's how it's done!' oho
'That's just talk, talk, talk,' or a hint to the ends of the starred answers itsallnoise
'___ la Douce' irma
*Excitement surrounding a prestige picture oscarbuzz
*Frigid weather from the north arcticblast
*Hit that produces four runs grandslam
*Memory loss rationale computercrash
Approach aggressively accost
Authentic real
Backlash, for example reaction
Big Ten Conf. overseer ncaa
Bills in tills ones
Brewpub selections ales
Calligrapher's stock ink
Cape wielder torero
CNN anchor Cabrera ana
Comply with obey
Copying ala
Cosmetic surgeon's procedure facelift
Cravat accessory tieclip
Designs styles
Disney World transport monorail
Do brunch eat
First letter in the NATO phonetic alphabet alfa
Fluctuates wildly yoyos
Former Georgia senator Sam nunn
Future man boy
Harvest reap
Hokey humor corn
Homegrown native
Industrious insect ant
Instruments for Orpheus and Erato lyres
Jimmy Kimmel's network abc
Lion's warning roar
Lowdown info
Mafia kingpin capo
Make a decision opt
Mandrill, e.g baboon
Mannequin's main part torso
Name on Peppermint Pattie wrappers york
New Orleans university tulane
Oboes and saxes reeds
Obsolete PC monitor crt
Online gamer's stand-in avatar
Online periodicals ezines
Pension collector retiree
People in power ins
Pig's place sty
Prayer leader in a mosque imam
Printer's color cyan
Puzzle out solve
PX clientele gis
Ready for customers open
Ready to hit atbat
Red root vegetable beet
Roma's country italia
Self-defense spray mace
Seventh letter in the Greek alphabet eta
Single-celled animals amoebas
Skin pic tat
Snaky shape ess
Some car show relics reos
Spanish island, to Spaniards mallorca
Stretch of years era
Super ___ (old gaming console) nes
They're spotted in casinos dice
To ___ (perfectly) atee
Toll collection system ezpass
Train conductor's path aisle
Vandalism damage
Veterans Day mo nov
Vigor energy
Wall St. launch ipo
Window frame sash
Wrestling maneuver hold
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