How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal May 19 2018

'Affliction' Oscar nominee nolte
'Bob's Burgers' daughter tina
'Grey's Anatomy' extra nurse
'Nessun dorma,' e.g aria
'Real Time' host maher
'The Hobbit' cover initials jrr
'The L Word' co-creator Chaiken ilene
'The Wire' antihero omar
'Though I agree...' yesbut
'Volunteers?' anyone
'You'll have to find somebody else!' irefuse
1988 NFL MVP Boomer esiason
Airport convenience atm
Alternative to multiple choice fillin
Ancient port of Rome ostia
Appear above the horizon rise
Approximately orso
Architecture's ___ van der Rohe mies
Backyard parties, for short bbqs
Bacon serving rasher
Be visibly elated beam
Bert's buddy ernie
Birthplace of Spartacus thrace
Board finish checkmate
Buoy hearten
Call at home out
Cape Cod town truro
Capital on the Mississippi stpaul
Cartesian conclusion iam
Code-cracking org nsa
Copied aped
Corp.'s tech head cio
Country on the Gulf of Guinea gabon
Criticizes severely rips
Despite that yet
Dmitri's denial nyet
Dug shelter trench
Earl, say peer
Erato's instrument lyre
Explosive experiments ntests
Fawn, e.g tan
FDR's job-creating prog wpa
Feel an affinity connect
Florida resort, familiarly boca
Forty winks shuteye
Gaelic language erse
Gat heater
Gave the business to needled
Government study, briefly? polisci
Heaps aton
Hero advised by the Oracle neo
High point of a European vacation? alp
Hospitality target guest
Immobilized, somehow inacast
In conflict atodds
Indigo-yielding shrub anil
Informer to Scotland Yard nark
It began as the American Messenger Co ups
It's on the fast track acela
Jabber yak
Jackie's second hubby ari
Judicial no-no bias
Juniper, e.g cypress
Kimono accessory obi
Lakota dwelling tipi
Last syllable, in linguistics ultima
Lines at the supermarket?: Abbr upc
Longtime NBC hit snl
Medium tempo andante
National Do Not Call Registry org ftc
Native Israeli sabra
No more than atmost
Nobel Peace Prize ceremony site oslo
Not sharp at all intune
Novel ID isbn
Opera ___ seria
Paid attention to heeded
Paolo Gentiloni is its prime minister italy
Pet Shop Boys, e.g popduo
Pinch in the bakery salt
Planning upto
Players facing bowlers on a pitch batsmen
Pocatello sch isu
Possible reply to 'Where are you?' inhere
Prepares for a road trip loadsup
Press iron
Property restriction lien
PX patrons gis
Red Cross supply plasma
Reel off name
Refreshing breaks naps
Rib tease
Rockies ruminant elk
Rudely awaken roust
Russell of 'The Americans' keri
Sacramento-to-San Diego dir sse
Sang the praises of lauded
Sauteed shrimp dish scampi
Shady retreat arbor
Sheen's former co-star cryer
Side facet
Singer Redding otis
Singer-songwriter Laura nyro
Site of the presidential Malacanang Palace manila
Small program applet
Smidgen tad
Soviet news acronym tass
Spot #1 liquidelement
Spot #2 tennisacewilliams
Spot #3 solidground
Spot #4 candybarmakers
Spot #5 mozartsymphony
Spot #6 autocompany
Spot #7 fatherofthetitans
Spot #8 newjerseycity
Start for economics or nutrients macro
Start for typical or human proto
Sucrose source beet
Sunday paper supplement insert
Super, in show biz lingo socko
Support prop
Symbol of strength oak
Tabasco, por ejemplo estado
Take some courses dine
Target aimat
Tempers, as metal anneals
Think the world of esteem
Thurible contents incense
Tools for farriers rasps
Trade gp assn
Updates, as an old film colorizes
VCR button rew
Web discount ebate
Wedding reception highlight toast
Went undercover, maybe hid
Where Jackie Robinson lettered ucla
Works in a gallery art
___ chi tai
___ means byno
___ Park (Edison's base) menlo
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