How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal May 18 2019

'A rat!' eek
'Come to think of it...' say
'Hold On Tight' band elo
'Now!' stat
'Phooey!' ohnuts
'Shoot!' darn
'Stay' singer Lisa loeb
'Street Dreams' rapper nas
'Well, look at that!' oho
'Wiseguy' star Ken wahl
1950s political monogram dde
2004 Will Smith sci-fi film irobot
Abby's twin sister ann
Adagio and allegro tempi
Antiquing substance ager
Attorney's org aba
Audition tapes demos
Auto graph? map
Baby bird? stork
Bagpipers' garb kilts
Be indiscreet blab
Beach Boys song that would be a poor choice for use in a Google ad? godonlyknows
Beelike apian
Being, to Brutus esse
Bertie's aunt in P.G. Wodehouse stories agatha
Bill Haley & His Comets song that would be a poor choice for use in a U-Haul ad? shakerattleandroll
Bit iota
Blubbers weeps
Boarding school detention gating
Brown shade sepia
Campaign promise taxcut
Caught in the act seen
Central theme gist
Chain owned by Wyndham ramada
Chat room chuckle lol
Clear, in a cafeteria bus
Clod chopper hoe
Compadres amigos
Concluded a case rested
Cosmetician Lauder estee
Count Basie's '___'Clock Jump' oneo
Covers with mud bemires
Crimson rivals elis
Cy Young Award winner Hershiser orel
Diploma word summa
Doctrines isms
Donald Trump's youngest son barron
Dracula feature fang
Due-quattro go-between tre
Each apop
Edda author Sturluson snorri
Elvis Presley song that would be a poor choice for use in a Sheraton ad? heartbreakhotel
Employee incentive bonus
Endurance experts ironmen
English exam part, often essay
Flares up, as fighting erupts
Florida representative Darren soto
Former Atl. crosser sst
Foul vile
Fowl place roost
Gave a post-workout massage to rubbeddown
Gave, as by a bequest leftto
Go for cost
Go-ahead assent
Grampa Simpson, familiarly abe
Gun, as an engine rev
Has a bawl sobs
He rewards courage on both sides in the 'Iliad' ares
Heads abroad? wcs
Ho Chi Minh Museum site hanoi
Horseback ride trot
Hospital staffer orderly
Immigrant's night sch. class esl
Indian turnovers samosas
Intense dislikes aversions
Italian white wines soaves
Jon of 'Chicago P.D.' seda
Julia of 'Presumed Innocent' raul
Jump on the ice axel
Leading ontop
Lemieux milieu rink
Like a perfect game nohit
Like many a frat party beery
Lionize exalt
Low points nadirs
Marvin Gaye song that would be a poor choice for use in a ReaLemon ad? howsweetitis
Mary ___ (Shakespeare's mother) arden
Massenet opera thais
Mayo masses irish
No-frills basic
Novak Djokovic's homeland serbia
OPEC amts bbls
Org. that regulates dietary supplements fda
Out of focus bleary
Parcel (out) mete
Parenthesis, essentially arc
Penn of 'Designated Survivor' kal
Plodding slow
Pos. counterpart neg
PPP, to Pythagoras rhos
Practical, as experience handson
Prepared set
Principal main
PX patrons gis
R&D site testlab
Recent delivery neonate
Run out, as a membership lapse
Skeevy looks ogles
Sky lights aurorae
Sleek, in brand names aero
Solution: Abbr ans
Son of, in Arabic names ibn
Spots espies
Start of a toast heres
Stinging jellyfish seanettle
Stones song that would be a poor choice for use in an IBM ad? getoffofmycloud
Suspended ride tram
Tabloid abductors ets
Thai or Taiwanese, e.g asian
That woman she
The great unwashed plebs
They breed in arctic Canada snowgeese
To an annoying degree adnauseam
Tom Jones song that would be a poor choice for use in a Christie's auction house ad? itsnotunusual
Trade-promoting U.N. agcy imf
Turkish harvest figs
Twisted Sister song that would be a poor choice for use in a FedEx ad? werenotgonnatakeit
U.S. currency dol
Uncool fellows dweebs
Van ___, California nuys
Very loud, to Verdi fortissimo
Wander (about) gad
Wax lyrical about extol
What are you looking at? clues
Whinny nicker
Whistler's Massachusetts birthplace lowell
Winter racer sled
You can dig it fossil
___ Na Na sha
___-80 (old computer) trs
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