How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal May 09 2014

'Calvin and Hobbes' bully MOE
'I'm not making this up!' TRUESTORY
'If ___ be so bold...' IMAY
'Knight and Day' actor CRUISE
'Knight and Day' actress DIAZ
'Lohengrin' lady ELSA
'Misty' singer MATHIS
'Take ___ from me...' ATIP
'To Hell and Back' hero Murphy AUDIE
'Won't you be my neighbor?' asker MRROGERS
1969 Nabokov novel ADA
1979 Roman Polanski movie TESS
1999 Stanley Cup champions STARS
Accessory for a mollusk strip show? SNAILSPASTIE
Acclaim HAIL
Adopted son of Claudius NERO
Alpine road section ESS
Army brass? BUGLE
Baby's bodysuit ONESIE
Baloney producer LIAR
Be shy OWE
Bellow ROAR
Best bond rating AAA
Between appointments FREE
Bix Beiderbecke's instrument CORNET
Bold way to solve crosswords ININK
Botanist's study FLORA
Bounds along LOPES
Brand with beaters MIXMASTER
Brooklyn Dodgers owner Charles EBBETS
Buck-naked INTHERAW
Buffalo-to-Baltimore dir SSE
Bulletin board notice MEMO
Came out on top WON
Cartoonist Roy DOTY
Challenge from a gunslinger DRAW
City at the mouth of the Yodo River OSAKA
Clear, in a way DEFOG
Comic book queen of the jungle SHEENA
Company whose cars stay indoors OTIS
Cooler room CELL
Country name on some euros EIRE
Crater feature RIM
Cylindrical structures SILOS
Dash, e.g RACE
Davis of the Pirates IKE
Decided upon SET
Deck protector STAIN
Deliberately taunt BAIT
Determined by destiny FATED
Diner display PIES
Direct confrontations FACEOFFS
Drop in the ocean SINK
Embarrassing outburst SCENE
Embroidered possessive HIS
Emperor Gaozu's dynasty HAN
Execrable VILE
Fathers and sons MALES
First name of 80-Down FRED
Floorboard sound CREAK
Fodder for some filters EMAIL
Full of oneself ARROGANT
Give ___ for one's money ARUN
Goes over the line? REHEARSES
Goes up and down BOBS
Goggles STARES
Great deal SCAD
Halfpipe halves RAMPS
Have one's ducks in ___ AROW
Held by a third party INESCROW
Henry Jones Jr., to friends INDY
Highlander's dagger DIRK
Influential thrash metal band MEGADETH
IRT stop STA
It has a nap SUEDE
Its flag features a curved dagger OMAN
La Sicilia, per esempio ISOLA
Lack of vagueness when deciding who's naughty or nice? SANTACLARITY
Lawrence Power's instrument VIOLA
Leary of 'The Amazing Spider-Man' DENIS
Ling of 'The Crow' BAI
Long in American politics HUEY
Lucy of 'Elementary' LIU
Marking time IDLE
Mercutio's killer TYBALT
Misbehaving ERRANT
Mom's answer to 'Why?' ISAYSO
Monopoly marker TOKEN
Moves into ENTERS
Natural gas component ETHANE
Not 'fer' AGIN
Not out AWAKE
Occupies, as a battle station MANS
One of 2,297 for Hank Aaron RBI
Online call service SKYPE
Painting base GESSO
Parisian's preposition AVEC
Parisian's pronoun TOI
Peoples of antiquity ANCIENTS
Place of drudgery SALTMINE
Plopped down SAT
Porter of the Washington Wizards OTTO
Possible assignment for a forest ranger? MOUNTAINDUTY
Potpie piece PEA
Proceeding according to plan ONTARGET
Quality assurance from a British noble? EARLWARRANTY
Refine HONE
Religious radiance HALO
Result of settling a lawsuit with a tech company? APPLETREATY
Rock beater PAPER
Rockport offering SHOES
Salon selections DYES
She played Carrie and Loretta SISSY
Shrek creator William STEIG
Sibelius, for one FINN
Sighed line AHME
Sixth of a fl. oz TSP
Snow White, Cinderella and Ariel, none of them clergy? PRINCESSLAITY
Somber GRAVE
Sore MAD
Squall CRY
Stepped down ALIT
Stretch of history ERA
Supplement taken around the start of spring, in a yearly supply? VITAMINEIGHTY
Suspicious HINKY
Take in, in a way ALTER
Take the passenger seat RIDESHOTGUN
Takes in, in a way DUPES
Texas's state dish CHILI
Ultra-bright NEON
Unable to decide TORN
Unsettle FAZE
Utter failure CATASTROPHE
Velma's rival in 'Chicago' ROXIE
Vitriol BILE
Where Colonel Sanders spent much time primping? ONTHEGOATEE
Words before answering ILLGETIT
Worst possible market share NONE
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