How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal May 07 2004

'And ___ my cap...' IIN
'Country Gentleman' Atkins CHET
'Kiss From a Rose' singer SEAL
'The Flowering Peach' playwright ODETS
'Wall Street Week' airer PBS
'Well done!' NICE
1920 Capek drama RUR
45-inch measures ELLS
Act the femme fatale LURE
Almost boil SCALD
Alway EER
Attention EAR
Author of 'The Praise of Folly' ERASMUS
Benchmark: Abbr. STD
Bend at the barre PLIE
Big men on campus DEANS
Blue material? SMUT
Boot tongue?: Abbr. ITAL
Born in Brittany NEE
Borrower's worries LIENS
Brady bill opponent NRA
Brown shade SEPIA
Caesar whose forum was television SID
Cal. clock setting PST
Call upon CITE
Carrie's star role LEIA
Christie creation WHODUNIT
Circle dance HORA
City Hall denizen POL
Collar NAB
Complained CARPED
Composer Satie ERIK
Covers with black grime SOOTS
CPO's org. USN
Crowd response ROAR
DiGiorno rival CELESTE
Dr.'s orders MRIS
Effort maker TRIER
Ehud's successor ARIEL
Ending for meteor ITIC
Enquirer report EXPOSE
Enterprise initials USS
Equivalent of twenty fins CNOTE
Eur. nation GER
Fill the hold LADE
Front wheel alignment TOEIN
Gene Wilder movie 'The Woman ___' INRED
Get going RUNALONG
Grant's side UNION
Hägar's dog SNERT
Hard wear? ARMOR
Hardly a must-see MISSABLE
Hits the tarmac LANDS
In a way OFSORTS
Influence JUICE
Integral ENTIRE
Intended AIMED
iPod maker APPLE
It flows into the Missouri near Jefferson City OSAGE
iTunes download SONG
Jeans brand since 1978 DIESEL
John's 'Pulp Fiction' co-star UMA
Kibbutz cash SHEKELS
Kind of network that learns NEURAL
Ladies' man ROMEO
Lamentation PLAINT
Lead-in for 'boy!' or 'girl!' ATTA
Light shade ECRU
Like many a fall day NIPPY
Like the equation x = 7y LINEAR
Lincoln Center landmark MET
Linking verb COPULA
Locker room need TOWEL
Loses it GOESMAD
Make a point TAPER
Marian's love ROBIN
Meadow mother EWE
Meaning SENSE
Med. groups HMOS
Michael's sister JANET
Midway, for example ATOLL
Mike of 'Yes, Dear' OMALLEY
Monkey's uncles APES
MPG rater EPA
Neville Chamberlain's reputation APPEASER
Newspaper launched in 1944 LEMONDE
Noted news serv. UPI
One of the plagues LOCUSTS
Pacific party LUAU
Paper clip? COUPON
Part of a building's infrastructure DUCTS
Party leader WHIP
Portrays ENACTS
Prime minister born Goldie Mabovitch MEIR
Q: Are you a strong leader? A: Yes. ___ IMPOTENT
Q: Are you an idealist? A: No. ___ IMPRACTICAL
Q: Are you believable? A: Yes. ___ IMPLAUSIBLE
Q: Are you detail oriented? A: Yes. ___ IMPRECISE
Q: Are you eligible for this job? A: Yes. ___ IMPOSSIBLE
Q: Are you feeling okay? A: No. ___ IMPALE
Q: Are your skills relevant? A: Yes. ___ IMPERTINENT
Q: Do people find you rude? A: No. ___ IMPOLITE
Q: Do you gossip? A: Yes. ___ IMPERSONAL
Q: Do you have any faults? A: No. ___ IMPERFECT
Q: Do you need this job right away? A: No. ___ IMPATIENT
Q: Do you treat everyone alike? A: No. ___ IMPARTIAL
Q: Have you committed any sins? A: No. ___ IMPURE
QB successes TDS
Quite bright NEON
Ready when needed ONICE
Red or Giant, for short NLER
Shuttle cover TILES
Sicily sight MTETNA
Singers Baker and Pointer ANITAS
Slalom paths ESSES
Soup bits PASTINA
Spare parts? PINS
Start of the 16th century MDI
Subtlety NUANCE
Teen mag fodder IDOLS
Tête topper CHAPEAU
The acting Chaneys LONS
Ticked off IRATE
Trick ending? ERY
Turn down DENY
TV's Spenser URICH
Understood GOT
Walton and Waterston SAMS
What a criminal may be on THELAM
Whetstone users HONERS
White wine from 12-Down MOSELLE
Window sign TOLET
Workout count REPS
Worst for driving ICIEST
Yashin of the NHL ALEXEI
Young turkey POULT
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