How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal May 01 2018

'Given the situation...' asitis
'Just as I thought!' oho
'Loot' playwright Joe orton
'Meet the Press' network nbc
'Never ___ Give You Up' gonna
'That wasn't a joke!' imeantit
'___ Beso' eso
*Disturbed the peace, in a way madearacket
*Not easily acquired hardearned
*Pistols and swords sidearms
*Place for a stud piercedear
72, on many courses evenpar
Address for the general sir
Attempt try
Aussie 'Howdy!' gday
Bee or flea insect
Bloke from Bath brit
Body image, slangily tat
Bout enders, in brief tkos
Called the shots led
Can't bear hate
Cherish, and what the asterisked answers do literally holddear
Clears off erases
Cocktail glass parts stems
Congressional staffer aide
Corner store convenience atm
Country west of Kenya uganda
Courting gift redrose
Diva delivery aria
Drops at dawn dew
Early automobile brand reo
Filled with twinklers starry
Fleeting flash of light glint
Ford's first car modela
Fraternal order with lodges elks
Get extra mileage from reuse
Gives out hands deals
Graphic shirt tee
Harvest-ready ripe
Hi-___ graphics res
Historic stretch era
Hubbub ado
In stacks piled
It separates Cairo from Giza nile
Language of Southeast Asia thai
Letter resembling a pitchfork psi
Like busybodies nosy
Like many churches spired
Like some fighter jet refuelings midair
Long-running CBS procedural csi
LP successors cds
Mishmash mixedbag
Natural sweetener stevia
Neighbor of Md del
Pacifying gesture sop
Physicist Rutherford ernest
Platform whose latest version is High Sierra osx
Postgame sulker loser
Producer of Citation Longitude jets cessna
Props for Willy Wonka and Mr. Peanut canes
QVC alternative hsn
Referee's concern rules
Robotic vacuum cleaner roomba
Romanov sovereign tsar
Show to be false debunk
Skyping need cam
Sleep clinic study apnea
Spoiled wentbad
Sushi fish eel
Take steps act
The Mets' home before Citi Field shea
Trapezoid measure area
Union issue wages
Whenever one is ready atwill
White House press secretary Sanders sarah
Yoga posture asana
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