How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Mar 30 2019

'Harrumph!' bah
'I forgot to mention,' online btw
'I hate it!' ugh
'It's ___-win situation' ano
'My man!' bro
1968 Top 10 hit for the Turtles elenore
A little butter? kid
Abound (with) teem
Alien weaponry, perhaps rayguns
Archetype exemplar
Arid capital that ironically means 'gardens' riyadh
Beat the odds getlucky
Best conditions optima
Brown who succeeded Tony Blair gordon
Business tycoon baron
Cerebral brainy
Chairman's list agenda
City on Guanabara Bay rio
Closest star to Earth sun
Construction girders ibeams
Corp. milestone ipo
Dens lairs
Dilettante dabbler
Dion from Quebec celine
Display a subtle reaction bataneye
Does documentary work narrates
Downwind alee
Dozen for your dearest roses
Drain cleaner ingredient lye
El Capitan climbing route that resembles a human feature thenose
Fairground pen sty
Figurehead's place prow
Flub err
Gala for fashionistas? glitterball
Genre for Little Richard on a toy piano? plinkrock
Glad offering bag
Green manager?: Abbr cfo
Green wrapper at a sushi bar nori
Groundbreaking tool hoe
Head rap? bonk
Headed up ran
Healthy drink tonic
Helpers who don't really help enablers
Historic auto reo
Home of Gonzaga University spokane
Honk beep
Horseplay from newborn puppies? litternonsense
Hot hrs. in Hartford edt
Hurricane Katrina documentarian lee
If-looks-could-kill looks glares
Illegal hiring practice ageism
Invoice bill
It can help you find your balance atm
It leads to home basepath
Jack of '24' bauer
Kennedy in D.C., e.g ctr
L'Adriatique, e.g mer
Language closely related to Thai lao
Lemon or lime drink ade
Lesage's 'Gil ___' blas
Lifted stole
Like mobiles kinetic
Like some dog bones buried
Lived dwelt
Loosey-goosey lax
Manfred von Richthofen and Eddie Rickenbacker, e.g wwiaces
Mass communications? litanies
Memphis goddess isis
Microscope part ocular
Moody music emo
Morgan le ___ (Arthurian sorceress) fay
Most AARP members srs
Mountain whose name means 'high one' denali
Muse often portrayed playing a lyre erato
NASA's Mars InSight, for one lander
Not so nice crueler
Not voiced asonant
Occupational hazards for phantoms? ghostblisters
Oft-injured knee part, briefly acl
One might end up in a tie neck
Parfait part layer
Paul Rudd's physique, e.g dadbod
Peace Prize winner Wiesel elie
Pelvis bone ilium
Plot device in the Cinderella story? thelastslipper
Possible reaction to a flatterer awgee
Possible reaction to a flatterer redface
Prefix with functional dys
Prepare for the Mr. Olympia competition oilup
Put up erect
Ready for print edit
Regarding asfor
Relative of Inc. and Ltd llc
Revue components skits
Round-the-clock raincoat? alldayslicker
Ruling party ins
Satisfied met
Sawmill input pinelog
Scaled-down airship? babyblimp
Sch. subject sci
Secretly includes, in brief bccs
See 67-Across out
See 9-Down acte
See things the same way agree
Sees if one can triesto
Set to simmer onlow
Sister nun
Soccer attire shorts
Solon, for one lawmaker
Some support payers exes
Something to cut and paste text
Spot for high hatchlings aerie
Staggering areel
Suppliers of ambiguous answers oracles
Supreme Diana ross
Tart berry acai
Terrific, to Teddy bully
Terrifying Hannibal lecter
Thailand, once siam
The U-2, for example spyplane
Took a shot guessed
Tool with a bucket icetongs
Transport elate
Uber-techies digerati
Under-construction areas? cellars
Upbraided yelledat
Utopian future for dieters? slimmertime
Whence U2 eire
Wins approval for sells
With 44-Across, intermission entr
With 73-Across, scrape together eke
With everyone playing, in scores tutti
With no doubt clearly
You might take part in one after you dye egghunt
___ Lama dalai
___-a-porter pret
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