How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Mar 28 2003

'60s radical grp. SDS
'8 Simple Rules ...' star RITTER
'Cow Cow Boogie' singer Morse ELLAMAE
'Freeze!' STAYPUT
'He made him ___ of many colors' ACOAT
'I hate to break up ___' ASET
'___ Three Lives' ILED
Aaron of 'Erin Brockovich' ECKHART
Advice to sinners REPENT
All-night dance party RAVE
Alternative to Chuck CHAS
Anne of 'John Q' HECHE
Annual Jewish commemoration SEDER
Auto pioneer Benz KARL
Bakery supply PIETINS
Bayer brand ALEVE
Big deal HOOHA
Bounce back ECHO
Bubbly Betty BOOP
Burma's first prime minister UNU
Business founded by poet Nelly's father? OLDMANSACHS
Business patronized by soldiers on weekend leaves? GIFRIDAYS
Business that draws wine bottle labels? PORTSILLUSTRATED
Business that makes candy for assassins? HITMANSCHOCOLATE
Business that makes tapes for safecrackers? LOCKBUSTERVIDEO
Business that sells plugged-in string instruments? HARPELECTRONICS
Business that supplied Huck on his river trip? RAFTFOODS
Business that supplies sailors with money? TARBUCKS
Business that supplies shoddy oil changes? IFFYLUBE
CD source SANDL
Census find, perhaps: Abbr. ZPG
Clothing line HEM
Coinage SPECIE
Computer of 1946 ENIAC
Congo charger RHINO
Consternation DISMAY
Contractor's fig. EST
Craftiness GUILE
Credit card ad abbr. APR
D-Day landers LSTS
Degas's 'Le Foyer de la ___' DANSE
Depth charges, in slang ASHCANS
Deuterium discoverer UREY
Disney collectibles CELS
Disreputable newspaper RAG
Domains AREAS
Dos times tres SEIS
English cathedral town ELY
Entertain at bedtime READTO
Exclusive group CULT
Fall mos. OCTS
Fashion initials DKNY
Fashionably old-fashioned RETRO
Feedbag morsel OAT
Fictional criminal Lupin ARSENE
First shot TAKEONE
Flatten out PLATEAU
Flu symptoms ACHES
Forum talk LATIN
French folks GAULS
Games grp. IOC
Gillespie genre BEBOP
Goes to it ACTS
Gold standard KARAT
Gooey stuff OOZE
Greek peak OSSA
Harry Potter's Hedwig, for one OWL
HBO sports agent ARLISS
Holiday lead-ins EVES
Horse in a Mary O'Hara book FLICKA
Ibsen hero GYNT
Intersection option TURNLEFT
It's a steal THEFT
Japanese computer giant NEC
Jay's rival DAVE
Kennedy historian Theodore SORENSEN
Kilmer of 'The Doors' VAL
Lobby URGE
Maestro Toscanini ARTURO
Make attacks against TILTAT
March sound HUP
Massage deeply ROLF
Masterful ADEPT
Member of a certain college ELECTOR
Mixed bags OLIOS
More likely to make the Forbes list RICHER
Most likely to elicit a pucker TARTEST
Negotiating goals DEALS
Nettle ROIL
Networker's offering CARD
Nikon offering LENS
Not to be found LOST
One may be picked up at a bar TAB
Painter of many Washington portraits PEALE
Photog's choice SLR
Pierce portrayer ALDA
Pique condition? IRE
Prepare to leave the dock CASTOFF
Puma feature TREAD
Punch served with paella SANGRIA
Reggae proponent RASTA
Rock of comedy CHRIS
Rock's ___ Fighters FOO
Sara everybody loves LEE
Screw up MUFF
She plays Carmela on 'The Sopranos' EDIE
Shelf bracket shape ELL
Shows mercy RELENTS
Skater Boitano BRIAN
Some furniture repairers CANERS
Some TVs and VCRs SONYS
Sore ankle wrapper ACEBANDAGE
Sounds from pounds ARFS
Starwood acquisition of 1998 ITT
Stripe KIND
Summer coolers, briefly ACS
Supply with a staff MAN
They come to court BEAUS
They do the work of the lord SERFS
Three strikes in a row TURKEY
Tobacco plug CHAW
Towel embroidery HIS
TV oldie '___ Derringer' YANCY
USMA grads LTS
Verb ending ESCE
Vice follower VERSA
Washington airport SEATAC
Way up the slope TBAR
Where Joan of Arc died ROUEN
Wife of Bath's creator CHAUCER
With hands on hips AKIMBO
Words after touch or stop ANDGO
___ Schwarz FAO
___-deucey ACEY
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