How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Mar 24 2018

'60s org. that protested the Vietnam War sds
'Cross my heart!' ididntlie
'Magnifique!' oohlala
'Malcolm X' director lee
'On the double!' asap
'Pardon the interruption...' ahem
'That ___ last week!' isso
...Easily offended thinskinned
...Gone platinum? lighthaired
...Like basset hounds droopyeared
...Miserly tightfisted
1976 Gregory Peck film theomen
Anger makemad
As a precaution incase
Autonomous program bot
Ballerina's aid barre
Bay Area airport code sfo
Beside oneself upset
Bicolor snack oreos
Bilingual anthem ocanada
Biol. or chem sci
Blank deadpan
Bremner of 'Wonder Woman' ewen
Bygone Seattle team sonics
Casual eatery bistro
Cautions warns
Centrally situated median
Chai, for one spicedtea
Chevy SUVs tahoes
City west of Sparks reno
Co-star of Betty, Rue and Estelle bea
Coerced payment ransom
Comics' routines bits
Cornerstone abbr estd
Cruz on Capitol Hill ted
Customarily asarule
Daniel of Comedy Central tosh
Diamond side facet
Disney frames cels
Dispute decider, at times coin
Doddering senile
Dove, e.g soap
Driving aids tees
Druid, e.g celt
DVR remote button rec
Enamored with into
End for profit or market eer
End for serpent or elephant ine
Entitled to pension benefits vested
Expressway advisory nouturn
Filthy rich loaded
Fivers abes
Flanders Fields flowers poppies
Follower's suffix ist
Font resembling Helvetica arial
Food poisoning culprit ecoli
Formed for a specific purpose adhoc
German painter Max ernst
Go all over rove
Goal of some talks peace
Greeted casually saidhi
Guy from England fawkes
Habitat for herons bayou
Hallux, in anatomy bigtoe
Hanoi holiday tet
Hardly discreet.. looselipped
Hired soldier, for short merc
Hole number par
Home on the Plains tepee
House hold? lien
In disagreement atodds
Incendiary felony arson
Introductory Italian course? antipasto
Job application fig ssn
Justin Trudeau, by birth ottawan
L.A. winter hours pst
Lament bemoan
LAX posting arr
Leander's love hero
Like a sultry-eyed temptress.. heavylidded
Lions' prey gnus
Literary twists ironies
Longtime Doubleday editor Talese nan
Maj.'s subordinate capt
Mark Twain's New York burial place elmira
Mark up, musically notate
Mass parking spots? pews
MBA hopeful's hurdle gmat
Meet contenders milers
Mesh fit
Mother of Elizabeth I or daughter of Elizabeth II anne
Mtge. units pts
Mucky ground mire
No-no for some dieters carb
Obstinate.. stiffnecked
Ominous ending, at times else
Org. for Ducks and Penguins nhl
Oscar winner for 'Milk' penn
Outhouse privy
Paid spots ads
Palooka oaf
Petite pixie elf
Plays in plays acts
Poet Day-Lewis cecil
Powerful pair aces
Quantum physics pioneer bohr
Queequeg's boss ahab
Recipe direction stir
Regard highly esteem
Rene of 'Thor' russo
Repeated slogan mantra
Replace some players recast
Ricotta-filled dessert cannoli
Rubs the wrong way rankles
Scatters strews
Slow on the uptake.. thickheaded
Small denomination sect
Small songbird lark
Snide remark gibe
Societal proscriptions taboos
Some toy dogs poms
Somewhat, informally sorta
Spruce up, perhaps redo
Stationery unit sheet
Sticky-footed lizard gecko
Store with iconic blue boxes tiffany
Submit a return with a click efile
Surrealism precursor dada
Thought idea
Tourist destination in the Aegean santorini
Tracking chip rfid
Typesetter's arc paren
University of Maryland athletes terrapins
Waits on stage tom
Wall unit? stud
Was first led
Whole number integer
Woodworking tool lathe
Works in a gallery art
Writer Rand ayn
___ Sticks (drain deodorizer) sani
___ up (come clean) fess
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