How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Mar 23 2019

'Be my guest' pleasedo
'He's not gonna make an ideal husband'? thataintmrright
'I'm strong to the finich 'cause I eats me spinach' speaker popeye
'Rumble in the Jungle' setting zaire
'___ Around' iget
A good friend of closeto
Abbr. on a zero button oper
AL West team theas
Any of 24 in a cage rib
Aspiration hope
Atlas meas sqmi
Austrian article ein
Back on a brig aft
Becomes turnsinto
Benjamin, in older slang cspot
Big galoots oxes
Bobby followers? soxers
Break up, as a crowd disperse
Bridge positions easts
Bruisers thugs
Brunch order quiche
Buds peeps
Bygone Toyota paseo
Choice option
Comerica Park player tiger
Comics canine odie
Compact contents rouge
Complete entire
Condo ad abbr rms
Crime kingpin capo
Dalmatian, e.g croat
Diana Rigg role emmapeel
Dishwashing, e.g chore
Disney Store purchases cels
Divide differently reallot
Divides into thirds trisects
Divine nickname missm
Embarrassed Reggie Jackson? redmroctober
Energy pep
Epoch characterized by the rise of mammals eocene
Equal, in combinations iso
Exhibited fright shied
Family groups clans
Flora in an O'Neill title elms
Flying force aircorps
Garr of 'Tootsie' teri
Garten of the Food Network ina
Girder raiser crane
Google subsidiary youtube
Grammy winner Mann aimee
Great service ace
Green neighbor, at times trap
Guaranteed, as a loan commitment lockedin
H.S. support groups ptas
Hanks-Ryan flicks, e.g romcoms
Help a bald spokesman escape jail? springmrclean
Hermanas de la madre tias
Hole in the head? pore
Humorously honored a snack food icon? roastedmrpeanut
Is a contender vies
Jambalaya makers cajuns
John or Paul, for example pope
Lahr and Parks berts
Leaves very dry parches
Lightning byproduct ozone
Like a big garage threecar
Like Williams's 'Suddenly Last Summer' oneact
Literary bear pooh
Literary schoolteacher feeling low? bluemrchips
Loud gaudy
Lustful character in 'The Wind in the Willows'? hornymrtoad
Made deceptive moves in the ring feinted
Many early email users aolers
Mickey's mate minnie
Miller's 'Elementary' co-star liu
Monsoon weather rain
Mountaineer's tool iceax
Mouth moisture spittle
Moved furtively crept
Moves furtively sneaks
Mugging Rowan Atkinson's hapless character? jumpingmrbean
Neatened (up) spruced
Nonsense tripe
Offstage helpers cuers
Online memos enotes
Opera that opens in Memphis aida
Org. for those who played at Forest Hills uslta
Outbursts of violence flareups
Overly prim puritanic
Owner of Stroh's pabst
Pacific clam variety pismo
Pal of Simon and Theodore alvin
Pay attention to details dottheis
Penned wrote
Peruvian pronoun esta
Pig out gorge
Pollster Elmo roper
Pool play carom
Preachy pamphlet tract
Precise strict
Profound Batman villain? deepmrfreeze
Prompted a tantrum from a youngster, perhaps saidno
Proverbial battlers sexes
Rapids transit canoe
Reluctant uneager
Risks a ticket speeds
River of Provence rhone
River of Westphalia ruhr
Roberts's co-star in 'Pretty Woman' and 'Runaway Bride' gere
Roger of 'Cheers' rees
Rub the wrong way chafe
Sch. superintendent degree edd
Show the way lead
Singles players phonos
Slaughter in baseball enos
Space in a schedule slot
Start of the XXIst century mmi
Statue setting, often plaza
Suit to ___ atee
Take ___ (drive recreationally) aspin
Takes the plunge weds
Temporary housing tents
Tot's time out nap
Touch down land
Transport for Calvin and Hobbes sled
Tricks ruses
Try, as a case hear
TSA worker screener
Usher to the parlor seein
Where to acquire an aquarium petshop
Winnebago relatives iowas
Withstood borne
Word before a maiden name nee
WWII battleground eto
___ a kind (match) twoof
___ badge (small military radio) comm
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