How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Mar 19 2010

'Between My Head and the Sky' musician ONO
'Gadzooks!' YIPES
'I haven't even gotten to my favorite part...' BESTOFALL
'Keep your ___ the ball!' EYEON
'March on, march on, since we ___ in arms': Richard III AREUP
'Saving Fish From Drowning' author AMYTAN
'The Luncheon on the Grass' and 'Olympia' MANETS
'The Queen of Tejano Music' SELENA
'This ___ quest...' ('The Impossible Dream' lyric) ISMY
'Three ___ and One DJ' (Beastie Boys song) MCS
'You ___ mouthful!' SAIDA
'___ Shoes' (Cameron Diaz/Toni Collette movie) INHER
1924 client for Darrow LOEB
Act of faith? LEAP
Amount of money SUM
Anoint with myrrh, say EMBALM
Baseball commissioner Bud SELIG
Beekeeper of film ULEE
Birthplace of karate OKINAWA
Blessing from a Roman deity? SATURNBENEDICTION
Bowl with a lid TOILET
Brown in a pan SAUTE
Busiest PEAK
Busy mo. for CPAs APR
Casino convenience ATM
Cassowaries' kin EMUS
CB sign-off TENFOUR
Changes some clues, perhaps EDITS
Check REIN
Chili peppers, informally HOTS
City of northern France LILLE
Competent ABLE
Cop from 'The Simpsons' LOU
Cowardly Lion's portrayer LAHR
Cuba ___ (rum drink) LIBRE
Depth charge, in slang ASHCAN
Do some crude painting DAUB
Don't just sit there REACT
Et ___ ALII
Everglades wader EGRET
Excitedly, in scoring AGITATO
Father of Hector and Cassandra PRIAM
Former ETS exam SATI
Former Treasury secretary who couldn't keep to a budget? PRODIGALPAULSON
Game in which money talks? SIMOLEONSAYS
Garb for groomsmen TUXES
Give a shot, perhaps VACCINATE
Go on RANT
Grade school basics, familiarly RRR
His business card claimed he was a used furniture dealer CAPONE
Hit on the head BONK
Home of Parmenides and Zeno ELEA
Hydrocarbon ending ENE
Infomercial knife brand GINSU
Ingredient for making gunpowder during Passover? KOSHERSALTPETER
It can part the waves COMB
It may be accompanied by a blind ANTE
It often has trig as a prerequisite CALC
It's in the shop TOOL
Japanese noodles UDON
Jazz great Coleman ORNETTE
Kind of pron. REL
King or fiddler CRAB
Lady of Spain DAMA
Lea low MOO
Left-leaning weekly THENATION
Lie alongside ABUT
Like some pricey headphones ANTINOISE
Literary title character surnamed Woodhouse EMMA
Lo-cal LITE
Low-cost airline that began service in 2000 JETBLUE
Lower house of the Russian parliament DUMA
Macroeconomics pioneer KEYNES
Makes big decisions for others PLAYSGOD
Man of rags JOPLIN
March 14, to math teachers PIDAY
Mariners' assents AYEAYES
Mark the boundaries of DELIMIT
Milquetoast WUSS
Minor league hockey team of Houston AEROS
Model who hosted Fox's 'More to Love' EMME
Monopoly token choice HAT
Mother-of-pearl NACRE
Museo de El Greco setting TOLEDO
Nabokov novel ADA
Neeson of 'Taken' LIAM
Of the lower back LUMBAR
Offer a higher salary than OUTPAY
Paltry MERE
Part of a Mountie's outfit STETSON
Period of abstinence LENT
Physicist Fermi ENRICO
Pole star SANTA
Priestly vestment ALB
Prolonged sleep COMA
Punt's duration HANGTIME
Put away the dishes? ATE
Rascal IMP
Required H.S. course, often USHISTORY
River near Nieuwpoort YSER
Roberto Duran's uncle? NOMAS
Savoy summer ETE
Shuriken throwers NINJAS
Sister of Polyhymnia ERATO
Site of Shah Jahan's Red Fort DELHI
Slightly ATAD
So great SUCH
Sony co-founder Morita AKIO
Spanish stewpot OLLA
Spoiled upper class of sci-fi ELOI
Start of a counting rhyme EENIE
Stick fast, or split apart CLEAVE
Stop up SEAL
Strapping MANLY
Suave business dealings? URBANECOMMERCE
Suffix for Brooklyn or Manhattan ITE
Tag line? NOTIT
They lean to the right: Abbr. ITALS
They're no longer attached EXES
Totally stormy? ALLINCLEMENT
Trap, as at a ski lodge ICEIN
Turn of phrase IDIOM
TV's 'Uncle Miltie' BERLE
Uncontrolled nuclear fusion site STAR
Unmentionable place? DRESSER
Very little ADAB
Virtuoso pieces TOCCATAS
Volatile solvent ACETAL
Ward of 'Sisters' SELA
What an electron occupies in an atom ORBITAL
Wondrous Bauhaus School founder? MIRACLEGROPIUS
___ d'art OBJET
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