How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Mar 18 2019

'Don't give up!' keeptrying
'Good job!' nice
'Not ___ million years!' ina
'Take it easy on the roads!' drivesafely
Arthur of the courts ashe
Baby bird's place nest
Bank window postings cdrates
Boxer Laila ali
Cagey sort of place? zoo
Camelot figure merlin
Catalogs of outstanding sports achievements recordbooks
Cloak-and-dagger type spy
Collarbone clavicle
Collection set
Conditions ifs
Contractor's aid tapemeasure
Cottage, cabin or castle abode
Country club employee pro
Deli order hero
Deli order sub
Departed gone
Director Spike lee
Employee group staff
Feed bag fill oats
First month, in 5-Across enero
Gauges assesses
Genetic messenger rna
Get together linkup
Great enthusiasm zest
He preceded and followed Conan O'Brien jayleno
Heart line setting palm
Home for some fish lake
Home for some fish ocean
Instead else
Kathmandu's country nepal
Kiev's country: Abbr ukr
Like many summer coffee orders iced
Like some vaccines and exams oral
Little tykes tots
Lucky strike paydirt
Madrid's nation, to natives espana
Masonry material stone
Motley-colored pied
Newspaper section arts
Notion idea
Numbers sought by ID thieves ssns
NYC arena msg
Once dominant cell phones nokias
Place for an Indy crew pit
Pride member lion
Profoundly wicked evil
Put on a hook hang
Quinine is used to treat it malaria
Rainmaker, of a sort cloudseeder
Realty unit acre
Shocking swimmers eels
Some engines turbos
Some engines diesels
Splurges at the fast food counter supersizes
Sportscaster Berman len
Squeezing (out) eking
Stapleton of 'All in the Family' jean
Streetcar tram
Submit a paperless return efile
Takeoff guess at JFK etd
Target of refinement ore
Title character in 'My Fair Lady' eliza
Unsuitable for farming arid
Used a shovel dug
Valleys dales
Vim energy
Was an obnoxious winner gloated
Weird radar blip, perhaps ufo
Went under sunk
With, in France avec
Wordsmith Webster noah
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