How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Mar 17 2006

'Diplomacy for the Next Century' author EBAN
'Dragon Seed' author PEARLB
'Far out, man!' RAD
'King of the Hill' patriarch HANK
'Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth' writer BMINSTERFULLER
'The Banquet of Cleopatra' painter TIEPOLO
'The grand old man of football' STAGG
'The Light in the Piazza' song OCTET
'___ pray' (pastor's words) LETUS
1994 Anne Rice book TALTOS
2002 Mel Gibson film SIGNS
Accumulate RACKUP
Affluent, in Acapulco RICO
Announces HERALDS
Antelope with curved horns WATERB
Applies oneself BLESDOWN
Around CIRCA
Attainment levels PLATEAUS
Auction offering LOT
Ballpark figure STAT
Bare-back blouses HALTERS
Basic education, facetiously RRR
Big influence on Rosie MERV
Blow away WOW
Blown away INAWE
Book after Daniel HOSEA
Brewskis SUDS
Brilliant effects ECLATS
Cards, on scorecards STL
Cartoon dolt's feature BTOOTH
Cartridge fill BSHOT
Casting need MOLD
Ceiling LIMIT
Chooses nonparticipation OPTSOUT
Circumference section ARC
Clinic bunch DOCS
Company started in Seattle in 1971 STARBS
Cow's fly swatter TAIL
Craps natural ELEVEN
Crawl space? POOL
Cries of contempt BAHS
Crusty dish POTPIE
Customs agent's prop STAMPPAD
Daytime Emmy winner ___ Christopher THOM
Deck material TEAK
Deny culpability PASSTHEB
Designed with lots of glass and metal, for short HITECH
Destination for the pampered SPA
Do a checkout chore SCAN
Does some trucking HAULS
Epitome of stubbornness MULE
Experts at flight? COWARDS
Father of Hamlet and Honi HAGAR
Father of Lies SATAN
Fire starter TINDER
First king of Israel SAUL
Fit for a king REGAL
Freeway closer SMASHUP
Friend of Morpheus and Trinity NEO
Friend of Spanky BWHEAT
Gain confidence BUP
General activity WAR
GOP fighter DEM
He was ousted in a 1960s coup SUKARNO
Hearty dishes STEWS
Hieroglyphic creatures ASPS
Hit country album of 1988 REBA
Hitter of 511 homers OTT
Home to Jasper National Park ALBERTA
It's adjacent to St. James's Park BINGHAMPALACE
Jeans measure INSEAM
Klingon on the Enterprise WORF
Knighted women DAMES
Like three out of five people ASIAN
Lover of Ann Darrow KONG
Lowly grunt BPRIVATE
Luxurious life EASE
Magnum holders CHAMPAGNEBETS
Midsummer babies LEOS
Minor yet vital employees COGS
Name on a famous B-29 ENOLA
NASA's Eagle, for one LEM
Nation south of Sardinia TUNISIA
Negates ANNULS
New Age musician born in Greece YANNI
NYSE number AVG
Ohio native BEYE
Orchestra section REEDS
Parliamentary vote AYE
Part of many Québec place names STE
Plane, for one TOOL
Plant of rock ROBERT
Plaza de la Revolución setting HAVANA
Pot leaves TEA
Pre-calc. course ALG
Princess of Alderaan LEIA
Protection AEGIS
Put right AMEND
Race goal, perhaps SEAT
Rat Pack nickname DINO
Reacts to a sour note WINCES
Red Guide publisher MICHELIN
Register section TENS
Runner of Front Row software IMAC
Serene state PEACE
Site of some banks RIVER
Skating event PAIRS
Slalom makeup ESSES
Sleek flier SST
Sound from a bay NEIGH
Starkers BNAKED
Stock unit HEAD
Struggles for balance TEETERS
Studio board PALETTE
Suffer AIL
Suffers with sibilants LISPS
Symbol of honor LAURELS
Synagogue cabinet ARK
Thermopylae defender SPARTA
Time-honored practice RITE
Toot one's own horn BOAST
Top 40 hit, often POPTUNE
Torture oneself SWEAT
Triumphant cry HURRAH
Trumped-up UNTRUE
Turkish bigwig PASHA
Ward of TV SELA
Went over RANLATE
Word from a German count EINS
Word sung on New Year's Eve AULD
Writer Cleveland AMORY
Yellow vegetable RUTABAGA
Zealous and then some RABID
___ Sketch (classic drawing toy) ETCHA
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