How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Mar 16 2019

'Easy to Be Hard' musical hair
'That Old Feeling' lyricist Brown lew
*Another name for the devilwood wildolive
*Brand with a mermaid mascot chickenofthesea
*Calcium hydroxide powder slakedlime
*Fifteenth Hercule Poirot novel deathonthenile
*Marine algae also called carrageen irishmoss
*Nickname of gangster George K. Barnes machinegunkelly
*Recruitment pro headhunter
*Tongass in Alaska is the largest one nationalforest
Article item
Aspen attire skisuit
Attacked ranat
Back of the neck scruff
Bad thing for a cop to be on thetake
Benefits avails
Betrays nervousness fidgets
Better business? casino
Brother put in a cage hansel
Busybodies yentas
Buy lines? pitch
Canary snack seed
Career soldier lifer
Carne ___ (Mexican steak dish) asada
Catherine who had a cow oleary
Cel mates? toons
Color, a shade of which ends each of the starred answers green
Composer's creation score
Country estate villa
Country music? anthems
Cruel sort ogre
Cruz in the Senate ted
Dangerous dog biter
Deck application stain
Dell output pcs
Dizzying designs opart
Eager to listen allears
Eminent noted
Eroded ateinto
Fanny pack part strap
Fumbled, as a football loose
Get things wrong err
Gothenburg group swedes
Grind together gnash
Grown-up fille femme
Half of hex- tri
Hammer in Hollywood armie
He was awarded the title of Marquis of the Valley of Oaxaca cortes
Hindu god of compassion krishna
Hollow dale
Houston ballplayer, for short stro
Illuminating comment apercu
In the future hence
Iron press
It was once yours thine
It's at home on the range skillet
Kick around discuss
Kidney-based renal
Leaves flabbergasted stuns
Leb. neighbor syr
Like some condors andean
Like some lemons used
Lou Hoover or Mamie Eisenhower, e.g iowan
Lover of Lancelot elaine
Lowly worker serf
Mag. staffers eds
Make out detect
Many, many years eon
Mean: Abbr avg
Melon noodle
Messy spot sty
More ticked off sorer
Mute salute nod
Netflix series set in Colombia narcos
Nickname of Thomas Wright Waller fats
No longer going on over
Old frosh topper beanie
Olfactory stimulus odor
On the button right
On this page, perhaps herein
One of 12 in astrology sunsign
One spotted in Africa giraffe
One who might have a guest for dinner? cannibal
Pal of Tarzan cheeta
Peppery powder cayenne
Physicist Rutherford ernest
Pickup part bed
Pillow cover sham
Play with, cat-style pawat
Point out indicate
Pool player's request rerack
Poor sap schmo
Prez on pennies abe
Primitive primate apeman
Props for Willy Wonka and Mr. Peanut canes
Rathskeller vessel stein
Recoiled shied
Reds hurler Roark tanner
Reiteration lead-in isaid
Sails force? fleet
Schnitzel base veal
Shakespearean sprite ariel
Shark offering loan
Shoot sprouting from a plant's base ratoon
Showed contempt sneered
Shuts down, to prevent a meltdown scrams
Site of a 13-day siege alamo
Smelter input ore
Some Ivy Leaguers elis
Spiced drink chai
Spoil rot
Sporting contests meets
Sprint winner fastest
Start for tourism or system eco
Stick together cohere
Storage site bin
Study peruse
Subject to double jeopardy retry
Swimmer Thorpe ian
Swiss resort popular with jet-setters gstaad
Title for Lancelot sir
Tolkien's Legolas, e.g elf
Totally worthless nohelp
Transmitted sent
Tuition reducer aid
Twisty shape ess
UFO crew ets
Undercover agent's wear wire
Viscount's superior earl
Wall in Manhattan, e.g street
Water, whirled eddy
West Bank grp plo
Whenever ready atwill
Whodunit discovery corpse
Wooden rod dowel
Words to the audience aside
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