How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Mar 12 2004

'... who lived in ___' ASHOE
'Excuse me ...' AHEM
'I'll be ___ of a gun!' ASON
'In the Wake of the News' columnist LARDNER
'Our Town' playwright WILDER
'Shucks!' OHGEE
'The Mammoth Hunters' writer AUEL
Accelerated SPED
Adherents ISTS
Air gun ammo BBS
Amphitheater section TIER
Approves of BLESSES
AT&T rival MCI
Attacked by force STORMED
Bar men: Abbr. ATTYS
Bastille setting PARIS
Bloodsuckers LEECHES
Blotchy PIED
Brad Pitt thriller SEVEN
Brady Bill enforcement agcy. ATF
Budget alternative ALAMO
Bumped off MURDERED
Cal. column heading TUES
Cardinals' manager? POPE
Choice of course ORDER
Cole Porter tune ROSALIE
Colonel Sanders feature GOATEE
Corp. money tender CFO
Court org. NBA
Crumble ROT
Decorate DOUP
Dinner highlight ENTREE
Doctoral hurdles ORALS
Driver's aid TEE
Enforceability TEETH
Entertainer's signature TAGLINE
Everything in France TOUTE
Fatty acid, e.g. LIPID
FedEx Field player REDSKIN
Flicked bit ASH
Flurry of activity ADO
Forbidden acts NONOS
Frankie's frequent co-star ANNETTE
Frugal fellow SAVER
Galoot OAF
Goes downhill SKIS
Guitar pioneer Paul LES
Have a good laugh HOOT
Having financial trouble, like a bra manufacturer? STRAPPEDFORCASH
Having financial trouble, like a chambermaid? CLEANEDOUT
Having financial trouble, like a cobbler? RUNDOWNATTHEHEELS
Having financial trouble, like a communist? INTHERED
Having financial trouble, like a gossip columnist? DIRTPOOR
Having financial trouble, like a London landlord? FLATBROKE
Having financial trouble, like a quarryman? ONTHEROCKS
Having financial trouble, like an author? INCHAPTERELEVEN
Having financial trouble, like the hangman? ATTHEENDOFHISROPE
Headquartered BASED
Impolite person STARER
Independently APART
Intimidate PSYCH
Into open waters ASEA
Kennedy Library architect IMPEI
Kingsley role GANDHI
KO connector LMN
Laotian currency unit KIP
Laura's mother-in-law BARBARA
Lead source GALENA
Make formal dinner arrangements PRESEAT
Make mad INCENSE
Maker of many calls REFEREE
Makes extraordinary demands ASKSALOT
May neglect to NEEDNT
Mean Joe Greene's mates STEELERS
Measuring aid RULE
Mil. authority CMD
Moved furtively SLUNK
MPG monitor EPA
Museum-funding org. NEA
Nation that calls itself Republika e Shqipërisë ALBANIA
New Age instrumental star YANNI
Nicely mannered CIVIL
No-win situation TIE
Oft-mismarked possessive ITS
Oilfield sight WELL
Old mall AGORA
Old number ETHER
Online diaries BLOGS
Outstanding STELLAR
P at the Parthenon RHO
Part of a return address? IRS
Part of a URL DOT
Pay stub category NET
Pitching style SIDEARM
Place with troops, as a journalist EMBED
Point in the Olympics EPEE
Polite refusal NOSIR
Pool setting TABLE
Prepares for firing AIMS
Presley trademark SNEER
Revolutionary Trotsky LEON
Ring fingers' neighbors PINKIES
Rolled model? PINUP
Rubbed the wrong way RILED
Russian retreat DACHA
Scratch up MAR
Service groups TEASETS
Shirt tag abbr. LGE
Simple rhyme scheme ABAB
Slips ERRS
Slugger Williams TED
Sound HALE
Spot for Hamilton's portrait TEN
Stat for Sosa RBIS
Stock holder BARN
Stopping point INN
Stops working DIES
Strong cotton PIMA
Supermodel Wek ALEK
Swarm TEEM
Teammate of Bernie and Hideki DEREK
They're surrounded by la mer ILES
They're taken by 71-Down LSATS
Threw a line CUED
Tide alternative ALL
Toronto paper STAR
Train makeup CARS
Trifling talk PRATTLE
Turns inside out EVERTS
Went to the bottom of a web page SCROLLED
White terrier, for short WESTIE
___ Cong VIET
___ fast one PULLA
___-Tiki KON
___-Wreck RENTA
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