How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Mar 11 2011

'C'est ___!' LAVIE
'I suppose so' YEAH
'Like that'll ever happen!' ASIF
'Not a problem' SURECAN
'Old MacDonald Had a Farm' sound OINK
'Old MacDonald Had a Farm' sound MOO
'Shame ___!' ONYOU
'Yikes!' OHNO
2009 film role for Zachary Quinto SPOCK
24/7 town judge? ALLNITEFINER
Aboard ONTO
Allied vehicles VANS
Apple batter? YANKEE
As an alternative INSTEAD
Athenian gathering spot STOA
Attentiveness CARE
Bad for picnicking RAINY
Badgers NAGS
Batting practice backstop CAGE
Bay Area warning sign? BEWAREOFTHEFOG
Became apparent AROSE
Bert of 'Ship Ahoy' LAHR
Big dos AFROS
Big shots VIPS
Big ___ (nickname of baseball's David Ortiz) PAPI
Billion years EON
Breaks down SOBS
Brightly radiant EFFULGENT
Bring to bear DEPLOY
Bringing up RAISING
Business news anchor Dolan DARIA
Buyer be where? STORE
Certify ATTEST
City on the slopes of Mount Carmel HAIFA
Co-star of Alda, Farr and Burghoff SWIT
Company dinner MESS
Confess openly AVOW
Consummate IDEAL
Corcoran of 'Bachelor Father' NOREEN
Crime scene evidence PRINTS
Cross promotions? SERVICES
Cut back PARED
Darling dog NANA
Dawn's direction EAST
Diamond protector TARP
Diving bird LOON
Do a casino job DEAL
Doing nothing but eating pasta? CARBOLOAFING
Draft status? ONTAP
Draining activity EDDY
El Dorado Country Club? LOSTCITYOFGOLF
Element of change COIN
Elizabeth's daughter ANNE
Enchanted RAPT
Eur.-Amer. separator ATL
Famed blacksmith DEERE
Fanny TUSH
Festive songs CAROLS
Fire stirrers POKERS
Flair ELAN
Folding phrase IMOUT
Gets steamed OVERHEATS
Good name REPUTE
Grammys category RAP
Grandson of Abraham ESAU
Hardship TRIAL
He's toast GONER
Heat to near boiling SCALD
Hefty herbivore RHINO
Hip-hop retinue POSSE
Honoree of a Red Square cathedral STBASIL
Is a contender VIES
It begins with janvier ANNEE
It started in WV in 1891 RFD
Jobs announcement of 2010 IPAD
Kandinsky contemporary KLEE
Lead singer of rock's Foo Fighters DAVEGROHL
Letterman's bandleader SHAFFER
Like some soap ONAROPE
Lustful look LEER
Make a break for it FLEE
March 25, in the Christian calendar LADYDAY
Most common noble gas ARGON
Nephritic RENAL
Nigerian-born Grammy winner SADE
Nikon's D3X and others SLRS
Norse god of battle TYR
Not out SAFE
Opus ___ ('The Da Vinci Code' organization) DEI
Party hat shape CONE
Patriots' org. NFL
PDA input APPT
Peel portrayer RIGG
Personal letter: Abbr. INIT
Philippine currency PESO
Prep for surgery SCRUB
Pretend you don't hear the alarm clock? ROLLOVERANDPLAYDEAF
Priam's kingdom TROY
Proposal OFFER
Puzo subject MAFIA
Quelques-____ (some, in France) UNES
Ready alternative NOT
Release payment RANSOM
Roast leaders MCS
Rock settings, at times ARENAS
Rope loop NOOSE
Sewn fold DART
She played Malcolm-Jamal Warner's sister LISABONET
Simple MERE
Something that might help a husband see more clearly? WIFEANGLELENS
Specialized sch. ACAD
Staff ROD
Sting album '___ Winter's Night...' IFONA
Stops on the way MOTELS
Suffix with confer ENCE
Symbol marking England's National Trails ACORN
Tabloid topic UFO
Tackle boxes KITS
Telecommuting, these days? STAYATHOMEFAD
Tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet YOD
The Blue Jays, on scoreboards TOR
The Coney Island Cyclone, e.g. COASTER
Thick cut SLAB
Threshing byproduct CHAFF
Toast topper OLEO
Unmoving INERT
Warren Buffett's home OMAHA
Was sorry for RUED
Watch over TEND
Weigh-in section OPED
Widespread RIFE
Wiped out BEAT
Wolfe of fiction NERO
Words with double or bubble ONTHE
Yorick's skull, e.g. PROP
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