How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Mar 07 2016

'Suppose...' IFSAY
'Too rich for my blood' IMOUT
'Waterloo' band ABBA
'You don't know the half ___!' OFIT
'___ funny' NOT
'___ little teapot...' IMA
*Carrier of 'Thursday Night Football' NFLNETWORK
*Local check point? BANKBRANCH
*Outlook organizing aid EMAILFOLDER
Acquires, slangily GLOMSONTO
Alps or Appalachians: Abbr MTNS
Apt. units RMS
Arty New Mexico community TAOS
Avant-___ GARDE
Awry or away OFF
Ballroom dance from Cuba MAMBO
Ballroom dances from Argentina TANGOS
Bar spigot TAP
Bit of useful advice TIP
Cloner's field BIOTECH
Container for a gallon of milk JUG
Criminals break them LAWS
Danger PERIL
Decimal system base TEN
Downhill run SLALOM
Elevations: Abbr HTS
Fan's fave IDOL
Flew alone SOLOED
Folksinger Guthrie ARLO
Fuzzy fruit KIWI
Gallivant TRAIPSE
Grand ___ (island near Florida) BAHAMA
Hauler on the interstate SEMI
Historic stretch ERA
Hubbub ADO
Humane society program ADOPTAPET
Hurdler Moses EDWIN
In the neighborhood ABOUT
Kindle download EBOOK
Kitten's cry MEW
Landing site of July 1969 MOON
Like some sturdy furniture OAKEN
Liquor flavored with juniper berries GIN
Lose it altogether GOAPE
Luxury car with a prancing stallion logo FERRARI
Mazda roadster MIATA
Monks' head ABBOT
Motel in 'Psycho' BATES
Movie director Preminger OTTO
Nerdy sort DWEEB
No-no for a vegan MEAT
Notion IDEA
Number that's its own square ONE
Pointer or pug DOG
Pro-___ (some tourneys) AMS
Quick poke JAB
Rakish fellow ROUE
Remote ALOOF
Seasonal fast food sandwich MCRIB
Secret spot? ARMPIT
Showed signs of exertion PANTED
Showtime rival HBO
Skill for speaking with the deaf: Abbr ASL
Skip a fancy ceremony ELOPE
Some boxing wins: Abbr TKOS
Stage signal CUE
Subject of many a stereotype joke BLONDE
Takes a breather RESTS
Taylor Swift's '___ Song' OUR
The Green Hornet's partner KATO
They give you the once-over EYERS
To the point TERSE
Tree limb BOUGH
Website address URL
What dodgers dodged, or what you might find in the starred answers DRAFT
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