How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Mar 06 2015

'Kung Fu' hero CAINE
'Once ___ time...' UPONA
'The Gene Krupa Story' star MINEO
'The Knick' network CINEMAX
1977 American League MVP CAREW
2014 retiree Jeter DEREK
29-Down may prescribe Ritalin for it ADHD
AAA suggestion RTE
Ancient form of beacon? FLAMETOWER
Austerely simple ASCETIC
Bad to the bone EVIL
Bankruptcy filer of December 2001 ENRON
Basil or rosemary HERB
Blueprint detail SPEC
Booderee Natl. Park setting AUS
Bring off, informally PUTOVER
Calligraphy tool PEN
Carried TOTED
Caterers containers URNS
Cavuto of Fox Business NEIL
Chapel exchange IDOS
Cheapskate's gift for Dad on his silver anniversary? CHROMETOPAPA
China setting ASIA
Church of country ERIC
Coachman's handful REINS
Columnists' pieces OPEDS
Commuting headaches TIEUPS
Cooper's piece STAVE
Cotton from Ark., e.g SEN
Crime scene evidence PRINTS
Daily grind sufferers DRUDGES
Daiquiri for a dimwit? SIMPCOCKTAIL
Doesn't commute to a domestic job LIVESIN
Expert MAVEN
Extremely small MICRO
Far and wide ALLOVER
Fencing piece SLAT
Fender product AMP
Fleece ROOK
Fleet figure ADMIRAL
Foil used to hide the dirty dishes? SINKWRAP
Fork features TINES
Garden area reserved for hedges? SHRUBPLOT
Get smart LEARN
Golfer Ernie ELS
Grace's 'To Catch a Thief' co-star CARY
Greeting to one on the other side of the temple? SHRINEWAVE
Halloween activity PRANK
Hill, in Hebrew TEL
Hip-hop headwear DORAG
HMO participants MDS
Hog the mirror PREEN
Hotel laundry room sight CHUTE
House head SPEAKER
Imminent danger PERIL
Istanbul's ___ Sophia HAGIA
It circled Hades several times STYX
It's in the can TRASH
Jolt, for one COLA
Julia Roberts's 'Ocean's Eleven' role TESS
Keep ___ head (don't panic) ACOOL
Kellogg's cereal introduced in 1916 ALLBRAN
King Gunther's perch in 'Gotter-dammerung'? RINGTHRONE
Lab containers? POUNDS
Little sister of Charlotte and Emily ANNE
Lived WAS
Losing score in many a football match NIL
Low-lying region VALE
Machinery parts COGS
Mailroom roll TAPE
Malicious look LEER
Masters work POEM
Meets, as a challenge RISESTO
Mineral used in auto paint MICA
More reasonable SANER
Multicolored PIED
Name for an ursine golf team? THETEEBEARS
Naughty way to live INSIN
Neighbor of Twelve Oaks TARA
Newly weaned pig SHOAT
Newspaper section ARTS
Nocturnal demon INCUBUS
Olympic skier Mittermaier ROSI
Opposite side ENEMY
Org. of sisters SOR
Oscar nominee for 'Stand and Deliver' OLMOS
Owned by us OUR
Period of history AGE
Phone hacker on the expressway? PIKESPHREAK
Phony sorts POSEURS
Pitcher's pride ARM
Place to purchase boots and poles SKISHOP
Post to a host RSVP
Products sold at Cut-Rate Cash Registers? CHEAPTILLS
Pump rating OCTANE
Readily available ONTAP
Refer to CITE
Regarding ASTO
Resemble mother-of-pearl IRIDESCE
Result of wearing a too-tight dunce cap? CONICPAIN
Risk roller DIE
Riviera and Park Avenue, e.g BUICKS
Secluded room DEN
Seek a loan from HITUP
Sharp-toothed swimmer PIRANHA
Siesta times, for short AFTS
Sign of late summer VIRGO
Sites of some mergers ONRAMPS
Solicitations PLEAS
Spine component DISC
Spock's father SAREK
Spoken ORAL
Stable sight HAYRACK
State capital on the Mississippi STPAUL
Stock doublers SPLITS
Stomach soother ANTACID
Student of Seneca NERO
Swing legend BASIE
Talked and talked and talked RANON
Tamper with DOCTOR
They take a bow ARROWS
Translating challenge SLANG
Twistable treats OREOS
Usher replaced him on 'The Voice' CEELO
Verizon, e.g TELCO
Vintage photo tint SEPIA
Violent spasm in the very end of one's finger? TIPTHROE
Virus victims PCS
Ward of 'CSI: NY' SELA
What half a loaf is better than NONE
Workout count REPS
World view? MAP
Yacht spot SLIP
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