How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jun 29 2001

'Catch ya later!' TATA
'Chocolat' studio MIRAMAX
'Forget it!' NODICE
'Give ___ further thought!' ITNO
'Hold your horses!' NOTYET
'How could I be so dumb?' DUH
'Leading With My Chin' author LENO
'Lord Jim' star OTOOLE
'The Sopranos' offerer HBO
'The Tower' poet YEATS
'___ who?' SEZ
1948 Bogart/Bacall classic KEYLARGO
8-Down, for one LAPDOG
Act of faith? LEAP
After-game activity? SAFARI
Agent, for short REP
Airheads DITZES
Amnesiac help group's slogan? DOYOUKNOWME
Annie of 'Designing Women' POTTS
Austrian article DER
Barley bristles AWN
Believer's suffix IST
Benchmark: Abbr. STD
Best part LEAD
Biz biggie CEO
Blown away AWED
Boggy lowland FEN
Briefs, briefly BVDS
Brought action against SUED
But, briefly THO
Chalupa server TACOBELL
Chiropractor's slogan? SNAPCRACKLEPOP
Comes down with GETS
Comes to terms DOESADEAL
Comparative word THAN
Complaint committee's slogan? WHERESTHEBEEF
Compote ingredient FRUIT
Compromise TRADEOFF
Consultation cost FEE
Contractor's fig. EST
Cornfield cry CAW
Court game ONEONONE
Crowd in Cologne? DREI
Cut down HEWED
Driver's break PITSTOP
E-mail command SEND
End of many French company names CIE
Equinox mo. SEPT
Essentially ATHEART
Fed moves RATECUTS
Fed. funds for the disabled SSI
Fillmore follower PIERCE
Flew like a pop fly ARCED
Flip chart holders EASELS
Florist's slogan? THISBUDSFORYOU
Fountain feature STATUE
From ___ Z ATO
Front end of China? INDO
Gave a heads-up to WARNED
Getup TOGS
Had a row? OARED
High-minded NOBLE
Hindu honorific SRI
Home of Sen. Pat Roberts KAN
Homecoming guest ALUM
Hops kiln OAST
Hot time in Paris ETE
House call? VOTE
Impersonator's slogan? BEALLTHATYOUCANBE
In the flesh LIVE
Indefinite amount ANY
Inner Hebrides isle IONA
Iris layer UVEA
Jackie's designer OLEG
Jai alai basket CESTA
Jazz keyboardist Saunders MERL
Language that gives us 'mulligatawny' TAMIL
Larry Bird's sch. ISU
Latin love AMOR
Law firm's slogan? WETRYHARDER
Legendary Bruins defenseman ORR
Lens cover? EYELID
Like a rock SOLID
Lofty lair AERIE
Looked forward to AWAITED
Macrogametes OVA
Make a game effort STRIVE
Make some calls REFEREE
Man to marry MRRIGHT
May neglect to NEEDNT
Mercury model SABLE
Miss-named? NEE
More cunning SLIER
Mound setting INFIELD
Municipal legislator ALDERMAN
Musical knack EAR
NASDAQ purchase STK
New driver, often TEEN
NFL scores TDS
One with a handle CBER
Part of being grounded, perhaps NOTV
Petite pooch PEKE
Places for peds XINGS
Plastic playing card maker's slogan? ADIAMONDISFOREVER
Pro with a racket CONMAN
Pump unit GALLON
Pushkin hero ONEGIN
Random person SOMEONE
Rochester's love EYRE
Royal address SIRE
Sales with major markdowns CLOSEOUTS
Sanctify ANOINT
Sch. monitors PTA
Scout's burden TONTO
Sea spots ISLES
Seat of Pontotoc County, Oklahoma ADA
Shakespearean sprite ARIEL
Shoebox marking EEE
Silk tie OBI
Site of Olympus Mons MARS
Slammin' Sammy SOSA
Some spots ADS
Store for stock ENSILE
Sugary suffix OSE
Tabloid twosome ITEM
They makes lots ACRES
Three after D EFG
Trading places EMPORIA
Trojan War hero AENEAS
Turn on the faucets WEEP
Uncreative education ROTE
Unspoiled locales EDENS
Utmost NTH
Was out of control RANWILD
Wet blanket? SNOW
Winter air NOEL
Without peer LONE
Wryly amusing DROLL
Yes, in Yokohama HAI
Zodiac dozen SIGNS
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