How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jun 26 2009

'Laugh-In' alum who won an Oscar HAWN
'No ___!' ('Certainly!') PROB
'Oh, bother!' NERTS
'Sorry, I'm busy' NOTIME
'With ___ of thousands' ACAST
Amu Darya's outflow ARALSEA
Aromatic brew ROSETEA
Bad beginning MAL
Bargain hunter's destination FACTORYOUTLET
Brewer's need YEAST
Bus. card info PHONENO
Buyer's balkiness SALESRESISTANCE
Cable contents FIBER
Campus marching gp. ROTC
Carders' concerns AGES
Cardinal cap letters STL
Carson predecessor PAAR
Charlie's brother on 'Two and a Half Men' ALAN
Chicken tender VET
Citrus cooler LIMEADE
Crisp cookie WAFER
Cry like a baby BAWL
Day-___ paint GLO
Delhi dishes SAMOSAS
Demanding ARDUOUS
Desert drifts DUNES
Down the road LATERON
Dr. of daytime television PHIL
Drs.' org. since 1847 AMA
Easter time: Abbr. SPR
Economic bloc CARTEL
Eisner's successor at Disney IGER
Emphatic agreement, in Acapulco SISI
Ernest's granddaughter MARIEL
Ethan's 'Gattaca' co-star UMA
Exacta, e.g. BET
Exam for a future DA LSAT
Eye-related OPTIC
Faith with Five Pillars ISLAM
Fallopian tube travelers OVA
Famed fur trader ASTOR
Find food FORAGE
First name in modern dance TWYLA
Follower's suffix ITE
French friend AMI
Garden rocket ARUGULA
Get the lead out SMELT
Gland atop the kidney ADRENAL
Goes over SPANS
Good place for hangings ARTSHOW
Gym equipment MATS
Gyro holder PITA
Hard-boiled crime genre NOIR
Hawk home AERIE
Help for asthmatics INHALER
Hip-hop head covering DORAG
Homophonic high jinks PUNS
How the surprised may be taken ABACK
It may need a lift FACE
Jimmy of the Daily Planet OLSEN
John or Paul, but not George or Ringo APOSTLE
Julia of films RAUL
Junkyard dog CUR
Lady's man BEAU
Last word of 'Angela's Ashes' TIS
Latest list for shoppers CURRENTPRICES
Life Science specimen AMOEBA
Little devil RASCAL
Little devil IMP
Lockup, slangily THECAN
Looks up to RESPECTS
Manage COPE
Marvell work ODE
Meet heat RACE
Mendes of 'The Spirit' EVA
Merchant of music NATALIE
Mill meal GRIST
Minimal evidence SHRED
Molière's 'Le Médecin Malgré ___' LUI
Movement of funds WIRETRANSFER
Netanyahu's nickname BIBI
Off-menu item SPECIAL
Oil source SHALE
One might go for a buck DOE
One with pressing business IRONER
Org. that kidnapped Patty Hearst SLA
Org. whose first Entertainer of the Year was Eddy Arnold CMA
Pave the way for PRECEDE
Pay for play ANTE
Piccolo player? CAAN
Place in a group ASSORT
Polo player? LAUREN
Port east of Gibraltar ORAN
Potter's potions teacher SNAPE
Praline ingredient PECAN
Reliever's record SAVES
Repeat the question REASK
Reversals of Fortune? STETS
Sails' supports SPARS
Sched. placeholder TBA
Seriously silly INANE
Show disdain for SPITAT
Showroom surprise STICKERSHOCK
Singer-songwriter DiFranco ANI
Slender fastener BRAD
Sot's spree BENDER
St. Peter's sculpture PIETA
Start of a Beatles refrain OBLADI
State with the most coastline ALASKA
Sticks in the water OARS
Stood out SHONE
Submitted SENTIN
Sushi selection EEL
Tarot card EMPRESS
Telly on the telly SAVALAS
The Dixie Chicks, e.g. TRIO
The Kents, to Clark MAANDPA
The other guys ENEMY
The scholarly world ACADEME
Thinks about often, as a grudge NURSES
Ticked off SORE
Ticketmaster add-on SERVICECHARGE
Tombstone name EARP
Toothy swimmers PIRANHAS
Traffic cops? DEA
Transmission part GEARCASE
Turn down DECLINE
Twice tetra- OCTA
Underworld meeting place LAIR
Vail visitor SKIER
West ender ERN
Where to find Dennis CAPECOD
Winner on Whirlaway ARCARO
Winter mist ICEFOG
You can make a lot out of it MACADAM
___ rage (bodybuilder's aggression) ROID
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