How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jun 25 2010

'Beau ___' GESTE
'Hamlet' quintet ACTS
'Hot in Herre' rapper NELLY
'Invisible Man' author ELLISON
'Mama' speaker DOLL
'Seven Gothic Tales' writer Dinesen ISAK
'The Hound of the Baskervilles' setting MOORS
'The Valachi Papers' author Peter MAAS
'This American Life' radio host IRAGLASS
'To repeat...' ISAID
'Woe ___!' ISME
1970 hit for the Kinks LOLA
1973 Rolling Stones hit ANGIE
2010 Gulf problem OIL
Accommodates, as passengers SEATS
American rival: Abbr. UAL
Aria in Norway? OSLOSOLO
Bald guy on Madison Avenue? MRCLEAN
Ballet company's leading dancer ETOILE
Banjo great Fleck BELA
Beach ball filler AIR
Beach Boys girl RHONDA
Beasts of burden ASSES
Biscotti bit ALMOND
British light machine gun BREN
Bugle material BRASS
Bulls' org. NBA
Burdened with debts INAHOLE
Carlo who headed a New York crime family GAMBINO
China setting ASIA
City square in Bolivia? LAPAZPLAZA
Closed book ENIGMA
Coating of frost HOAR
Colleague of Lake and Palmer EMERSON
Copenhagen language, to natives DANSK
Couples in France? PARISPAIRS
Course for U.S. immigrants ESL
Cover letters? ISBN
Creature in the Philippines? MANILAANIMAL
Creep in South Korea? SEOULLOUSE
Cultural equivalent of a gene MEME
Dijon dad PERE
Donald Duck's lack PANTS
Donuts, topographically TORI
Enthusiastic about INTO
Eye part in Albania? TIRANERETINA
Failed, as an HTTP request TIMEDOUT
Female deer HINDS
Florentine poet DANTE
Follower of yes or no SIRREE
Following ASPER
For the most part NORMALLY
Forest quakers ASPENS
Frankfurter, e.g. GERMAN
Fur coats in Belarus? MINSKMINKS
GE purchase of 1986 RCA
Get a pizza, say ORDERIN
Gomez Addams's love TISH
GQ or Cosmo MAG
Grand Marnier flavor ORANGE
Grunts GIS
Hammered STINKO
Heavenly gatekeeper STPETER
Home to some condors ANDES
Honshu city noted for its beef KOBE
Hoots and hollers CATCALLS
Hot and bothered AROUSED
Hot spots in the Bahamas? NASSAUSAUNAS
Innumerable MYRIAD
Islamic law SHARIA
It may be malicious INTENT
It might be blown by a hot person GASKET
It's usually a hit LINER
Jeopardy PERIL
Key of 'F?r Elise' AMINOR
King for whom the Labyrinth was built MINOS
Litter makeup KITTENS
Loses one's coat SHEDS
Lush SOT
Make a deduction REASON
Many a blue stater: Abbr. DEM
Michael Jackson song released posthumously THISISIT
Minneapolis suburb EDINA
Montreal Expos legend Tim RAINES
Montreal-based shoe brand ALDO
Mykonos liqueur OUZO
Nasty folks MEANIES
New ___ ('Universal Truth' seeker) AGER
Nonpanicked assurance IMCALM
Online feed letters RSS
Out of sorts ILL
Packing aid TWINE
Picture book? ALBUM
Pilgrim to Mecca HAJI
Popular sans-serif font ARIAL
Post in Peru? LIMAMAIL
Powerful bunch INS
Programming language akin to Pascal ADA
Radio show host Hannity SEAN
Raft propeller OAR
Request to see ASKOUT
Running shoe brand ASICS
Runs off at the mouth GABS
Salinger title character ESME
Scottish lords in Greece? ATHENSTHANES
Secretive govt. org. NSA
Sees the light WISESUP
Side of a soccer field? TEAM
Sign for May Day babies THERAM
Simile center ASA
Singer from County Donegal ENYA
Small batteries AAAS
Something often swiped at stores ATMCARD
Spoken ORAL
Squares off against TILTSAT
Stands for portraits EASELS
Suitable for hot days ICED
Sweet-talk CAJOLE
Tap type SPINAL
Temporary stay SOJOURN
Teri's role on 'Desperate Housewives' SUSAN
They may be tight or loose ENDS
They're strummed on beaches UKES
Tina's '30 Rock' boss ALEC
Topper for de Gaulle KEPI
Trillion, in metric prefixes TERA
Turn sharply ZAG
Ultrahigh-energy photons GAMMAS
Unctuous flattery SMARM
Unfamiliar ALIEN
Wilco guitarist Cline NELS
Works on a draft EDITS
Write quickly JOT
___ B'rith BNAI
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