How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jun 22 2016

'Absolutely!' YES
'Borstal Boy' author BEHAN
'Deep Impact' director Mimi LEDER
'Remember the Maine,' for one? PROWARSAW
'Tell me!' SAYIT
'The Grand Budapest Hotel' director Anderson WES
'___ Over' (Roy Orbison hit) ITS
1988 Olympics site KOREA
A beatnik may beat it BONGO
Bad time for Caesar IDES
Baltic capital RIGA
Black box contents DATA
Boonies STICKS
Boot part TOE
Brood CLAN
Canadian dollar LOONIE
Caulk container TUBE
Change from a Hamilton FIVER
Co. component DIV
Compact SMALL
Competitors in a slam POETS
Course position LIE
Density symbol RHO
Evaluation criteria, and the puzzle theme PROSANDCONS
Fragrant ring LEI
French toast SALUT
Garden pond swimmer KOI
GI morale booster USO
Golden-bodied fish DORADO
Herr's spouse FRAU
Hit with a paddle THWACK
Idiosyncrasy TIC
Indulgent LAX
Item pulled by some Central African oxen? CONGOCART
John who married Pocahontas ROLFE
Lickety-split PDQ
Like a job that's performed perfunctorily PHONEDIN
Like a morning person? PROAM
Like Wilde, often QUOTED
Made a pig of oneself ATEALOT
Many a comedy team DUO
Mich. neighbor ONT
Moratorium on sweepstakes? CONTESTBAN
Musical set in 'the Holy Roman Empire and thereabouts' PIPPIN
NBA Hall of Famer Thomas ISIAH
Note sung by the Folsom Prison Glee Club? CONDO
One of a triangle trio VERTEX
Org. of piece keepers NRA
Org. providing travelers' checks TSA
Oscar winner for 'Tender Mercies' DUVALL
Outlawed toxic compound PCB
Outstanding indication IOU
Pastoral BUCOLIC
Paul Anka hit subtitled 'That Kiss' ESOBESO
Peninsula north of Morocco IBERIA
Pic on a pec TAT
Pop, in Portsmouth PATER
Radial pattern TREAD
Ranch newborn FOAL
Regulus or Sirius STAR
Remove, as a magazine page RIPOUT
Run off the page, as an ad BLEED
Salon stuff GEL
Silent assent NOD
Software subsections MODULES
Stock holders PENS
Stock up on laundry detergent? PROCUREALL
Stop for a honeybee BLOOM
Stripling LAD
Support provider BRA
They may bear crowns TEETH
Trouble AIL
Upper, in German names OBER
Walk-___ (minor roles) ONS
Writer Calvino ITALO
___ Arann (Irish carrier) AER
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