How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jun 19 2015

'Beowulf,' e.g SAGA
'Chiquitita' band ABBA
'Dies ___' (medieval hymn) IRAE
'Hey, pal' PSST
'Hey, stop pulling my sleeve!' and the like? TUGREACTIONS
'I'll Be Around' songwriter Wilder ALEC
'It's the Hard Knock Life' singer ANNIE
'Save me ___' (movie request) ASEAT
'That's ___ question' AGOOD
'We Got the Beat' group GOGOS
'___, you noblest English...' ('Henry V') ONON
1993 Melissa Etheridge album YESIAM
2014 Russell Crowe film NOAH
Actors Peter and Annette OTOOLES
Advocate of the letter of the law LEGALIST
Alfred Hunt and Andrew Carnegie STEELMEN
Answer to 'Why does my shoe look chewed up,' perhaps? DOGONLYKNOWS
Any day now SOON
Banking expert AVIATOR
Basketball's Thurmond and Archibald NATES
Betamax developer SONY
Bill from a netherworld bar? TABOUTOFHELL
Bring ___ against (take to court) ASUIT
Bully in Bart's class NELSON
Calling CAREER
Card quality WIT
Charters LEASES
Check the weight of HEFT
Chip topping SALSA
Choreographer's concern STEP
Clock std GMT
Close END
Co-star of Kelley and Doohan NIMOY
Cockpit array DIALS
Colorful garden plant COLEUS
Colorful stories YARNS
Columbus sch OSU
Company that marketed the first 'smartphone' ERICSSON
Compassionate sort CARER
Composer Webern ANTON
Conjure up EVOKE
Cook of Creedence Clearwater Revival STU
Cork's country EIRE
Country singer Tillis MEL
Country singer Tillis PAM
Cowboys helmet feature STAR
Cretaceous predator, for short TREX
Crosses off the smallest department on a cabinet list? XESEDUCATION
Customary observance RITE
Dawn direction EAST
Downwind ALEE
Draft card org SSS
Easy pace TROT
Encore showing RERUN
Even a little ATALL
Expert in hydraulics and structural engineering? DAMSCIENTIST
Eyeball OGLE
Fail spectacularly FLAMEOUT
First name at Woodstock ARLO
Flying Cloud or Royale REO
Freeloader SPONGE
Friend of Jar Jar OBIWAN
Greene of the Edwardian theater EVIE
Grouse CARP
Gummy candy brand DOTS
Hair part ROOT
Harry in the senate REID
Head of a head shop chain? POTEXECUTIVE
Himalayan, e.g CAT
Hog holder STY
Hosp. areas ORS
In any case BESIDES
Indicate EVINCE
Individualized PERSONAL
Intensify REVUP
Intern's undertaking ERRAND
Jazz group, maybe OCTET
Kizilay Square setting ANKARA
Laconian letter ETA
Language spoken along James Bay CREE
Letter before daleth GIMEL
Like some checking accounts NOFEE
Lord high executioner of Titipu KOKO
Masked drama NOH
Minimal tide NEAP
Moneymaking load of coal? TONFORPROFIT
Mood lighting controls DIMMERS
Moussaka meat LAMB
Nickname of Richard I LIONHEART
Nonstop flights? ESCALATORS
Not genuine: Abbr IMIT
Noted name in Argentine history PERON
Old army identifiers BANNERS
One of auto repair's Pep Boys MOE
One who's not out for the night? INSOMNIAC
Peeper, e.g FROG
Phone table sights NOTEPADS
Piazza de Ferrari setting GENOA
Picard's counselor TROI
Pitcher of milk? ELSIE
Plant with trees AFFOREST
Plopped down SAT
Plumb line attachment BOB
Respectably wholesome CLEANCUT
Rocky peak TOR
Room on a Clue board HALL
Saints coach Payton SEAN
Satisfactory OKAY
Saw things TEETH
Set off, as an alarm TRIP
Show up at a pie event? OUTEAT
Smith's place FORGE
Some are fragile EGOS
Soup server LADLE
Spinning seats EXERCYCLES
Starbucks order TALL
Statement of beliefs CREDO
Subject of a grainy photo, perhaps UFO
Suspicious LEERY
Tackles with energy GOESAT
Tanks, cannons, ammo, etc.? WARMATERIALS
Tasmania's capital HOBART
Tea Party activist Russo SAL
They may be eccentric ORBITS
Ticket remnants STUBS
Traveling company TROUPE
Truly memorable EPIC
Two in a row? SPAT
Underworld river STYX
Unforeseen problem SNAG
Vacation destination ISLE
Walk on water? PIER
Winning margin, at times NOSE
Workout count REPS
Wretched, in Reading GROTTY
___ piece (alike) OFA
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