How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jun 19 2009

'A Chorus Line' song ONE
'Amélie' setting PARIS
'August: Osage County' playwright Tracy LETTS
'Born Free' author Joy ADAMSON
'Give Peace a Chance' singer LENNON
'How awful!' OHNO
'___ Kapital' DAS
1963 hit for the Crystals DADOORONRON
Absolutely require MANDATE
Activity that may require a lift SKIING
African bovids GNUS
Algerian port ANNABA
Ancient region north of Sumer AKKAD
Ancient region of Asia Minor IONIA
Baseball's Jeter DEREK
Beach immortalized in a 1960s song IPANEMA
Bigelow offering TEA
Brief operatic piece ARIETTA
Brought around TURNED
Caprice MEGRIM
Cause for a spouse's commiseration BADDAY
Coronation Cup setting EPSOM
Cosecant's reciprocal SINE
Coup d'___ ETAT
Cube maker ICETRAY
Decorate copperplate ETCH
Deep-seated dislikes ENMITIES
Designer Jacobs MARC
Dig site in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' TANIS
Disprover of spontaneous generation PASTEUR
Egyptian peninsula SINAI
Encouragement for Manolete OLE
Evince some sadness SHEDATEAR
Expunge ERASE
Female kangaroo DOE
Flourishes BLOOMS
Fort Knox item INGOT
Found a perch ALIT
Frighteningly fervent RABID
Frolicking ROMPING
Gallery display ART
Gateway Arch designer Saarinen EERO
General Clark WESLEY
German chancellor Merkel ANGELA
Ghost word BOO
Golfer Mediate ROCCO
H.S. course TRIG
Hebrew alphabet start ALEPH
Heighten ELEVATE
High peak ALP
Illustrator Gustave DORE
Imitated a lamb BAAED
Inclusion in safer passwords NUMERAL
Indicates SAYS
Inducing goose bumps EERIE
Ink used in four-color printing MAGENTA
Internet pop-ups, e.g. ADS
Iraq War no-shows WMDS
It takes a bow ARROW
It's avoided in this game TAG
Its members are experts at driving: Abbr. PGA
Jessica of 'Sin City' ALBA
Joe Lieberman's middle name ISADORE
Kaffiyeh wearer ARAB
Keystone Studios founder Mack SENNETT
Kid's father BILLY
Kidney-related RENAL
Kingdom that we're part of ANIMALIA
Language based on Pascal ADA
LBJ's veep HHH
Leia's adopted name ORGANA
Lend a hand PITCHIN
Like Academic Challenge winners SMARTEST
Long-eared pooches BASSETS
Lose one's grip on DROP
Lottery events DRAWINGS
Maine's state animal MOOSE
Makeup of underwater 'forests' KELP
Master of Cerberus HADES
Meas. of economic activity GNP
Midge cousin GNAT
Milwaukee Bucks player Michael REDD
Misfortunes ILLS
Miso soup mushroom SHIITAKE
MSNBC show of 2002-2003 DONAHUE
Nonprofit's URL ender ORG
One of Rockefeller Center's original tenants RCA
Painter's primer GESSO
Pale yellow cheese EDAM
Parliamentary vote NAY
Parliamentary vote AYE
Pen piece NIB
Perfumer's distillation ATTAR
Pestered persistently BADGERED
Post-meal sign of appreciation, in some cultures BELCH
Prohibition pints NEARBEERS
Puffed up BILLOWED
Put a stop to END
Retro phone feature DIAL
Reunion attendee ALUM
River feature DELTA
Room with wooden benches, often SAUNA
Rub the right way MASSAGE
Russian ethnic group TATARS
Sandinista foe CONTRA
Second Council of Constantinople year DLIII
See 11-Down WOPAT
Service stopper NET
Sing cowboy songs, maybe YODEL
Sir's counterpart MAAM
Site of Edmund Hillary's base camp NEPAL
Six of these can be spotted within this grid DOUBLES
Some missions EMBASSIES
Southern gospel group the ___ Family CRABB
Spousal address HON
Stand the test of time LAST
Steel strap in a car BRAKEBAND
Subside EBB
Surname of Poe's adoptive parents ALLAN
Tart plum of Europe SLOE
Tax form ID SSN
They rank above viscounts EARLS
Throw in ADD
Time for vespers EVENING
Triumphant cry AHA
Unsafe? OUT
Use one's sight AIM
Valerie Plame's former employer CIA
Voucher CHIT
Weapon for Buffy STAKE
What many a CFO is CPA
Winter migrator BIRD
With 61-Down, Reba McEntire's 'Annie Get Your Gun' co-star TOM
With dispatch PRONTO
Workaholic's top priority CAREER
Would-be biblical sacrifice ISAAC
Year indicator TREERING
___ Report (luxury lifestyle magazine) ROBB
___ seul (dance solo) PAS
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