How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jul 27 2001

'As You Like It' setting ARDEN
'Cats' monogram TSE
'I Love You, ___' (best-selling memoir) RONNIE
'The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom' writer ORMAN
'The Egg ___' ANDI
'Thirteen Days' star COSTNER
'___ a Rebel' (1962 hit) HES
'___ Tu' (1974 hit) ERES
Action star with a second career at the track? JOCKEYCHAN
Actor with a second career at a law firm? CLERKGABLE
Actor with a second career in crime? ROBBERREDFORD
Alamogordo's county OTERO
Anonymous John DOE
Are on the docket PEND
Arkansas congressman Hutchinson ASA
Arlington House honoree LEE
Baseball's Moises ALOU
Big band singer Kitty KALLEN
Brewer and Stratas TERESAS
Broadway singer Linda EDER
Canada's Oscar GENIE
Cedar Rapids college COE
Channel swimmer of 1926 EDERLE
Checks a checkbook BALANCES
Cheshire cat trademark GRIN
City north of Provo OREM
Cobb and Hardin TYS
Columnist with a second career in the military? MARINEDOWD
Comic intro SERIO
Comic Mort SAHL
Corey of 'The Lost Boys' HAIM
Cream-filled treats OREOS
Derby prize ROSES
Divide and divide again RESHARE
Do checkout work SCAN
Dodge model NEON
Due follower TRE
Eagles and jets SOARERS
Edible spirals ROTINI
Emulate Niobe WEEP
Equivalent of two feet? TENTOES
Everglades denizen EGRET
Fashion monogram YSL
Firewood measure CORD
Flooring material BEECH
Fork-tailed fliers TERNS
Function ROLE
Fusion MIX
Gibson's long-time co-host on morning TV LUNDEN
Gleeful casino cry IWIN
Global septet SEAS
Govt. paper TNOTE
Half of a 45 SIDEA
Hitching posts? CHAPELS
Home from work ILL
Iowa cousin OTOE
John Q. Public EVERYMAN
Johnny-jump-ups PANSIES
Katy of 'High Noon' JURADO
Kind of Xing PED
Knock off QUIT
Last game of the NFL season PROBOWL
Lawless part XENA
Let out EMIT
Lunkhead's question HUH
Made a pitch THREW
Magazine of 'future music culture' URB
Maze word START
Mellow cheese EDAM
Michener work IBERIA
Microsoft worry of 2001 BREAKUP
More cream-filled treats PIES
More inexperienced RAWER
More info later: Abbr. TBA
Muscle quality TONE
Nodder's words ISEE
Not to mention ALSO
Old man, familiarly POPPA
One of Chekhov's 'Three Sisters' IRINA
One seeking a legal prohibition ENJOINER
Paints a mental picture of DESCRIBES
Palooka OAF
Part of this wording GERUND
Peace pact ENTENTE
Peary's goal POLE
Physics Nobelist Jean PERRIN
Politician with a second career in a restaurant? WAITERMONDALE
Pre-Ph.D. hurdle GRE
Pulitzer-winning play of 1999 WIT
Question to answer first on a test EASIEST
Released ISSUED
Repeated ECHOED
Richard Kimble, e.g. ESCAPEE
River arising in the Guiana Highlands ORINOCO
Role models IDEALS
Routine GROOVE
Scacchi and Garbo GRETAS
Sci-fi prefix ROBO
Sent a file by e-mail ATTACHED
Shade of blue BICE
Singer with a second career as a custodian? JANITORJACKSON
Singer with a second career in a salon? BARBERSTREISAND
Software installation info file README
Spiny flora CACTI
Starbucks selections MOCHAS
Start of Montana's motto ORO
Stellar phenomena QUASARS
Stimulated WHETTED
Stock holders PENS
Sugar Loaf setting RIO
Surgery reminders SCARS
Tennis star with a second career in another sport? ARCHERASHE
Their work is a grind MILLERS
They have dots URLS
This miss HER
Threatens MENACES
Toe dancing POINTE
Trial judge, e.g. HEARER
Undermined ERODED
Use a hammock LOLL
Vault junction GROIN
VCR remote abbr. REC
Went Chapter 11 CEASED
Westminster Show org. AKC
Wonderment AWE
Woods rival ELS
Worst, weather-wise NASTIEST
Writer with a second career making books on tape? READERMAEBROWN
You're looking at one CLUE
___ Miss OLE
___ years (aged) ONIN
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