How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jul 22 2017

'Consider that a gift' KEEPIT
'If U ask me...' IMHO
'The Hound of the Baskervilles' milieu MOORS
'The Nazarene' writer Sholem ASCH
'Totally wicked!' RAD
1000 milligrams of vitamin C, e.g MEGADOSE
ABA member ATT
ABA members ESQS
Act the shark LEND
Agcy ORG
American marsupial OPOSSUM
Astronaut Cooper, familiarly GORDO
Aussie runners EMUS
Bay State seeks costumed cheerleader in a kilt QUINCYMASCOT
Bear in the air URSA
Before, in poems ERE
Bit of cocoa NIB
Black-market ILLICIT
Bringer of news HERALD
Brooklyn hoopsters NETS
Bunch of steps DANCE
Bus map dot STOP
Cal Ripken Jr., notably ORIOLE
Chopin composition VALSE
Clashes between cattlemen RANGEWARS
Co. with a fleet of brown trucks UPS
Comfy slip-ons MOCS
Conspiracy PLOT
Corner joints MITERS
Counterpart to trans CIS
Deets INFO
Derby derriere ARSE
Derriere REAR
Diamonds, e.g SUIT
Dog also called a Persian greyhound SALUKI
Dreamlike SURREAL
Elizabeth I's house TUDORS
Encircled by AMID
Enjoyment FUN
Far and away EASILY
Fixed SET
Fixes badly? RIGS
Fly off the handle SNAP
Forbidding GRIM
French silk SOIE
Fries, say SIDEDISH
Future CEO's degree MBA
Geometer's diamonds RHOMBI
Girder type IBAR
Gooey treat SMORE
Grammy-nominated 2011 Lady Gaga song YOUANDI
Gush wildly EMOTE
Hair line PART
Haleakala National Park location MAUI
Has a knack for EXCELSIN
Headquarters of the Siberian Cossacks OMSK
Heart of Dixie seeks vinyl-loving hobo MOBILEALBUM
Hero by another name SUB
Hitching hope LIFT
Ho Chi ___ MINH
Hold capacity TONNAGE
Inner Hebrides island IONA
Invoice verb REMIT
Japanese paste MISO
Jargon ending ESE
King Abdullah II's home AMMAN
Lacking movement STATIC
Land of Opportunity seeks newly relocated merchant to increase competition LITTLEROCKARRIVAL
Last word of many a Trump tweet SAD
Legal claim LIEN
Lets up ABATES
Like many music releases ONCD
Listless feeling ENNUI
Lusty woodland residents SATYRS
Malek of 'Mr. Robot' RAMI
Marked for inclusion STETTED
Mishmashes OLIOS
Mother: Prefix MATRI
Mountain lions PUMAS
Muse of astronomy URANIA
Nice friend AMIE
Not-so-skimpy skirt MAXI
Nyctophobes of sci-fi ELOI
Off in the ozone SPACY
Palmetto State seeks dumpster-diving vigilante COLUMBIASCAVENGER
Passes through a membrane OSMOSES
Pelican State seeks hired thug for shallow body of water BATONROUGELAGOON
Photographic film coating EMULSION
Piracy haul LOOT
Plane figure AREA
Political cartoonist Thomas NAST
Portofino's surroundings RIVIERA
Potential plant SEED
Pre-med prereq BIOL
Priestly Dumas character ARAMIS
Problem for Bourne AMNESIA
Queen who established the Spanish Inquisition ISABELLA
Reacts to a heartthrob's appearance SWOONS
Remote location SOFA
Renewable promises VOWS
Sales pro REP
Salt facility SEALEGS
SASE, often ENC
Scala of 'The Guns of Navarone' GIA
Scatterbrained DITSY
See 126-Across VERA
See 47-Across IBEAM
Seller of tie-in merchandise, often LICENSEE
Sharon's 'Cagney & Lacey' co-star TYNE
Shaving aisle brand AFTA
Ship made of wood from Mount Pelion ARGO
Show Me State seeks feline computer expert KANSASCITYMOUSER
Singer Stefani GWEN
Skimpy skirt MINI
Sniggler's wrigglers EELS
Some Japanese spirits SAKES
Some Oldsmobiles ALEROS
Spiced yogurt drink LASSI
Spruced up, perhaps REVAMPED
Stand-in schedule letters TBS
Stupid jerk SCHMO
Successfully resist temptation ABSTAIN
Sunshine State seeks restroom attendant MIAMIFLUSHER
Tanning spot SALON
They're worth 6 pts TDS
Top of the Egyptian pantheon AMONRA
Traditional tales LORE
Traffic cop? NARC
Turn a blind eye to IGNORE
Volatile Sicilian fixture ETNA
WaterSense program overseer, for short EPA
Ways with nos RTES
Weight-to-height ratio, for short BMI
Winter blanket SNOW
With 53-Down, salve additive ALOE
Zhivago's beloved LARA
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