How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jul 19 2002

'East of Eden' twin ARON
'Eh Cumpari' singer Julius LAROSA
'I'm freezing!' BRR
'Move it!' SCOOT
'No harm done...' ILLLIVE
'The Call of the Canyon' writer GREY
'The Simpsons' bartender MOE
'Unhand me!' LETGO
'Women, Race & Class' author Davis ANGELA
'Yuck!' UGH
'___ and away!' UPUP
'___ Rosenkavalier' DER
Alphabet ender OMEGA
Alphabet ender ZEE
Alphanumeric code acronym ASCII
Ancient measures CUBITS
Anthrax-investigating agcy. CDC
B'way show bigwig DIR
Bambino TOT
Baseball's Rodriguez ALEX
Bay windows ORIELS
Behavioral quirks TICS
Berlin's 'Blue ___' SKIES
Biggest word on a buck ONE
Bishop's vestment ALB
Boxers, perhaps UNDIES
Branch offices? NESTS
Bring up to speed CUEIN
Cannon shot by cinematographers DYAN
Career ender? IST
Chasing AFTER
Chop shop? DOJO
Civil wrong TORT
Classic nightclub, briefly COPA
Cliff hanger? AERIE
Cologne cry ACH
Color quality TONE
Corpulent OBESE
Courtyards ATRIA
Cuzco native INCA
Dernier cri RAGE
Descended on the fridge RAIDED
Diplomatic bigwig: Abbr. AMB
Diving bird AUK
Do a checkout chore BAG
Double-edged dagger SKEAN
Economic extremes BOOMORBUST
Editorialize OPINE
Eliel Saarinen's son EERO
Embroidery thread FLOSS
Eschew SHUN
Expect AWAIT
Falls off EBBS
Fanzine subjects IDOLS
Farm cut-up SICKLE
First to leave the table, perhaps FASTEATER
Flier to Ben-Gurion Airport ELAL
Freakish family on TV ADDAMS
Fritter away WASTE
Genetics lab study RNA
GI's hangout USO
Go barhopping PUBCRAWL
Greetings from guard dogs SNARLS
High pts. MTS
In that order: Abbr. RESP
Israel's Netanyahu BIBI
It may have a glazed look TILE
Jazz club offerings SETS
King of trump, e.g. HONOR
Lake of Lombardy COMO
Learned co-star of the 1970s WAITE
Like Mr. America BUILT
Like NYSE prices since January 2001 DECIMAL
Lisa of the WNBA LESLIE
Lit course handouts BOOKLISTS
Long of 'Soul Food' NIA
Looked at lasciviously OGLED
Mall come-on SALE
Meeting of leaders SUMMIT
Minus LESS
Most provocative EDGIEST
New product line after Amana's takeover of Ford? DRIVINGRANGES
New product line after Armani's takeover of Philip Morris? SMOKINGJACKETS
New product line after Crayola's takeover of Delta? FLYINGCOLORS
New product line after Hallmark's takeover of Mensa? SMARTCARDS
New product line after the NFL's takeover of Polaroid? FLASHBACKS
New product line after the U.S. Mint's takeover of Maytag? LAUNDEREDMONEY
New product line after USPS's takeover of Firestone? RUBBERSTAMPS
Not Dem. nor Rep. IND
Occupied TAKEN
One of Hamlet's choices TOBE
Panache ELAN
Parent company of Virgin Records EMI
Pitches ADS
Prefix meaning 'soil' AGRO
Prep sch. course SCI
Prop. loan MTGE
Puts the pedal to the metal SPEEDS
Quotable Yogi BERRA
Round start TEESHOT
Round Table title SIR
Rubber ducky's venue BATH
Sacristy tender SEXTON
Satori-seeking sect ZEN
Seaweed-filled sea SARGASSO
Site of a SUNY campus ONEONTA
Skat-playing quorum THREE
Slightly ATAD
Small quantity? AMT
Some turns LEFTS
Song and dance, e.g. ARTS
Song syllable TRA
Spam producer HORMEL
Spectrum ARRAY
Star whose name is Arabic for 'tail' DENEB
Stock panic STAMPEDE
Supply an address ORATE
Tart, in a way LEMONY
They often have staff positions CSHARPS
They're at your fingertips NAILS
Tick off IRK
Tied up BOUND
Tip of a pen NIB
Topic of bargaining PLEA
Util. supply ELEC
Valuable violin STRAD
Vilnius resident LITHUANIAN
Vintner's science OENOLOGY
Was flirtatious TOYED
Watchmaker's aid LOUPE
Weapons with blades about a yard long EPEES
Where denarii were spent OLDROME
Where Robert Louis Stevenson spent his last year APIA
Whodunit prize EDGAR
York, for one: Abbr. SGT
You can't take it with you ESTATE
Zaire's former president Mobutu Sese ___ SEKO
Zipper part TOOTH
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