How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jul 17 2018

'Elements of Algebra' author euler
'Scoot!' runalong
4,840 square yards acre
Analysis topic ego
Base compound alkali
Brand originally called Brad's Drink pepsicola
Butter substitute oleo
Clock sound tick
Clydesdale controller rein
Collection of harbor structures? piergroup
Confrontations showdowns
Cooped (up) pent
Cousins, e.g kin
Deceives liesto
Deem appropriate seefit
Do some driving playgolf
Donkey's dad ass
Eccentric fellow crank
Eliminate ruleout
Ferret's cousin mink
Fight of the Century loser ali
Georgia O'Keeffe painted there taos
Gives in to gravity sags
Grace's last name, on 'Will & Grace' adler
Hairy cousin of 1960s TV itt
Have lofty dreams aspire
How some vaccines are administered orally
Improbable unlikely
Knight's mount steed
Largest city in the second-largest country toronto
Layer above the mantle crust
Least apt to forgive sorest
Loss indicator red
Maiden name indicator nee
Melville's 'Billy ___' budd
Miss identification she
Mouse spotter's cry eek
Neighbor of Arg. and Braz uru
Not busy idle
Ogle leerat
Pond's rival nivea
Producer's hope hit
Ready to explode stewing
Really stands out shines
Refuge for a chased cat tree
Relief pitcher's success save
Sandra of 'Gidget' dee
Santa costume part beard
Seafood at a harbor diner? wharffare
Sept. follower oct
Sept. preceder aug
Slack-jawed state awe
Slow, in scoring lento
Sound that suggests a visit to a mechanic clank
Start for Palmas or Cruces las
Start for Rafael or Antonio san
Steel found in bookracks danielle
Steeps in a liquid infuses
Suddenly started paying attention satup
Sugar bowl invader ant
Suspended hung
Take the wheel steer
Target of a celeb's restraining order stalker
Time off for harbor workers? dockholiday
Transforms changes
Traveled the turnpike motored
Under the weather ill
Volunteering words illgo
Way off afar
Will subject estate
Without ___ in the world acare
Workers with green cards legals
Yitzhak succeeded her golda
___ Jima iwo
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