How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jul 11 2008

'...a feeling of sadness comes ___ me': Longfellow OER
'Airport '79' setting SST
'Don't bet ___!' ONIT
'Evil Woman' band ELO
'Far out!' RAD
'Fat chance!' NOPE
'Have a good time!' ENJOY
'Raising Children in a Difficult Time' author DOCTORSPOCK
'South Park' sibling IKE
'The Crying Game' star REA
'The Golden Compass' heroine LYRA
'What ___ you saying?' ARE
1989 Madonna album LIKEAPRAYER
Ace place? SLEEVE
Activity for 1-Down SOCCER
And more, for short ETC
Apple variety IMAC
Apt to snap back? ELASTIC
Atmospheric beginning AER
Baïonnette, e.g. ARME
Battery designation AAA
Beat horses NAGS
Beginning drawing class ARTI
Bikini burst ATEST
Billy Joel's 'Tell ___ About It' HER
Bit of makeup DAB
Bob Dole's home KANSAS
Break-in indicator ALARM
Cable Internet alternative DSL
Calls before a court ARRAIGNS
Catch of the day, perhaps SEABASS
Catch participant, perhaps DAD
Cereal box no. RDA
Characteristic of an area ENDEMIC
Chicago hrs. CST
Chief Ouray, for one UTE
Company with frank ads OSCARMAYER
Course accessory TEE
Covered with pond scum, perhaps STAGNANT
Creator of Perry and Della ERLE
Crying out loud? SOB
Cryptozoology subject YETI
Derby drinks MINTJULEPS
Designer Bill BLASS
Diner owner of TV MEL
Do the books? READ
Dollar rival AVIS
Domino's offering CHEESEPIZZA
Dye family AZO
Dynamite FAB
Econ. stat GNP
Edam relative GOUDA
Energy VIM
Exploding star SUPERNOVA
Extreme NTH
Firm up TONE
Flight feature STAIR
Fold female EWE
French tire PNEU
Galoot LUG
Gives the boot OUSTS
Goose Bay setting LABRADOR
Gore and Hirt ALS
Hamilton's place TEN
Hand holder? MITT
Hand, in Hidalgo MANO
Hidden PERDU
Home to Tishreen Park DAMASCUS
Jazz cornetist Adderley NAT
Kin of -kin ETTE
Leaves rudely JILTS
Like horses in the homestretch AGALLOP
Like Vassar since 1969 COED
Loads ALOT
Marks of mirth LAUGHLINES
Masterwork OPUS
Mayfair resident LONDONER
Med school subj. ANAT
Money-related: Abbr. FISC
Mother of the Titans GAEA
Nanny's aid PRAM
Narrow margin of victory ONEPOINT
Not so hot TEPID
Officiate PRESIDE
One in a pen CON
Org. that included the New York Cosmos NASL
Panhandle BEG
Penn in NYC STA
Pension verb VEST
Person glued to CNN NEWSJUNKIE
Pet for Queen Elizabeth II CORGI
Pet Shop Boys and Eurythmics, e.g. DUOS
Poet/illustrator Silverstein SHEL
Prepare for a long trip, say GASUP
Queens neighborhood ASTORIA
Reaction to une belle femme OOLALA
Refreshers of a sort NAPS
Remove the dirt from? BLEEP
RMN's successor GRF
Roadside eateries, familiarly HOJOS
Rosiness BLUSH
Rules maven HOYLE
Rumsfeld's predecessor COHEN
Schubert's Symphony No. 8 ___ Minor INB
Scott of 'Charles in Charge' BAIO
Scout shirt feature EPAULET
Second sight ESP
Seles rival GRAF
Sitcom character who got married on 10/28/74 RHODA
Some NFL players TES
Starbucks staple LATTE
Sturdy furniture material OAK
Suffering ILL
Summer movie specialty ESCAPISM
The Empress of Australia, found in 1915, for one OPAL
Thumbs-up response YES
Time of legend ELD
Trompe l'___ OEIL
TV series with a star chimp BJANDTHEBEAR
TV's Greene and Michaels LORNES
Tyne with a Tony DALY
Unsettled SHAKEN
Unwelcome work ONUS
Verb suffix IZE
Very long time EONS
Vigilant ALERT
Vital element LIFEBLOOD
Wall St. event IPO
When la lune is out NUIT
Window cleaner's goof SMEAR
Wise guy SAGE
Workplaces with openings, for short? ORS
Young ___ (kids) UNS
Ziegfeld Follies costume designer ERTE
___ Pensacola (mil. center) NAS
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