How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jul 10 2015

'Born Free' author Joy ADAMSON
'If ___ he loved, 'twas her alone': Walter Scott EER
'Lust for Life'? STONEWORK
'My word!' GEE
'Not Afraid' singer EMINEM
'The Wolf of Wall Street'? BROKERAGEACCOUNT
'___ Believer' IMA
1869 Inaugural Address? GRANTWRITING
1942 film with a title taken from Walt Whitman NOWVOYAGER
1945 battle site, for short IWO
AA offshoot ALANON
Acapulco article LOS
Alan with six Emmys ALDA
Ancient marketplaces AGORAE
Anthem contraction OER
Austrian spa town BADEN
Background computer process DAEMON
Bearded beast GNU
Big name in escapism HOUDINI
Blame RAP
Bloch and Borgnine ERNESTS
Bob Cousy specialty SETSHOT
Boxer measure REACH
Bug tail? ABOO
Canterbury can TIN
Car from Kia RIO
Clear the windshield DEFOG
Clinton adviser Harold ICKES
Coll. study SCI
Comment heard at the end of a tough week TGIF
Common Market initials EEC
Conked out DIED
Crust holder PIEDISH
Customary: Abbr STD
D.C. hrs EST
Denis Leary TV series RESCUEME
Design detail SPEC
Disgusted utterance PAH
Disgusted utterance FEH
Dynamic prefix AERO
Egg: Prefix OVI
Empathizes RELATES
Emulated a famed piper DERATTED
End of a Burns title SYNE
Everglades criminal POACHER
Exemplified model behavior? POSED
F1 neighbor ESC
Fancy strand PEARLS
Fictional collie LASSIE
Financially behind INAHOLE
Followers ISTS
Ford with many models EILEEN
Franchise with a cowboy hat in its logo ARBYS
Francis's home ASSISI
From the shipping department? NAVAL
Gershwin's Concerto ___ INF
Get sustenance from FEEDON
Go undercover? SLEEP
Goodman's genre SWING
Groom's place STABLE
He dissuaded Attila from invading Rome POPELEO
Hiding spot LAIR
Hit for Ronny & the Daytonas GTO
Honor from Queen Eliz OBE
House addresses SPEECHES
In favor of profiling, perhaps RACIST
In which WHERE
Investigate SEEINTO
Joe Klein essay? TIMEPIECE
Junior and senior YEARS
Like a bump on ___ ALOG
Like cinnamon trees ASIAN
Lily with an edible bulb SEGO
Linda of 'Nick News' ELLERBEE
Love at the World Cup NIL
Luau gift LEI
Lucy lover DESI
Mancini's real first name ENRICO
Member of a royal Norwegian line OLAV
Memoir by singer Whitney? HOUSTONCHRONICLE
Minimal series lead ONEGAME
Minute pt. of a minute NSEC
National rival ORIOLE
New Testament author EPISTLER
Northwest Passage seeker John RAE
Not sing PLU
Obscure knowledge ESOTERY
Org. nicknamed 'the Puzzle Palace' NSA
Ouzo flavoring ANISEED
Paying attention to the job at hand ONTASK
Peace Prize ceremony setting OSLO
Picturesque SCENIC
Poetic paeans ODES
Potato-filled dumpling PIROGI
Potential danger spot for a ship LEESHORE
Quiet interlude LULL
Recollections from women celebrating diamond anniversaries? OLDWIVESTALES
Retired flier SST
Returns a load REHAULS
Robert Morse stage show TRU
Served well ACED
Shatner sci-fi novel series TEKWAR
Sheeran and Helms EDS
Shoe designer Jimmy CHOO
Show runner EMCEE
Sir Alec's memoir? GUINNESSBOOK
Skater Midori ITO
Slanted columns EDITORIALS
Slurpee alternative ICEE
Small part of a big machine COG
Some paradoxical lithographs ESCHERS
Sorority sisters, once COEDS
Sorta, suffixally ISH
Spa sigh AAH
State 35 mi. wide at its widest DEL
Sweetheart of the 1984 Olympics RETTON
Take a toy that doesn't belong to you DOGNAP
Take advantage of an opportunity MAKEHAY
Tattled FINKED
Tee off ANGER
They're interspersed with the aves. in Monopoly RRS
Tom and Katie's daughter SURI
Town in County Kerry TRALEE
Tucker's 'Rush Hour' co-star CHAN
Ventura County city OJAI
Villain of 1941 TOJO
Vincent's brother THEO
Walk-___ (minor roles) ONS
Was revolting UPROSE
Watch brand since 1875 BULOVA
Waxy compound STEROL
With a light heart GAILY
___ Tranquility SEAOF
___ Valley (Ventura County city) SIMI
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