How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jul 05 2002

'I hate to break up ___' ASET
'Twittering Machine' artist KLEE
'Vidi,' to us ISAW
'Wait! They set you up!' ITSATRAP
'You Are My Destiny' singer ANKA
'___ I care!' SEEIF
Absorbed, informally INTOIT
Annapolis grad, e.g. ENSIGN
Arctic transport SLED
Area meas. SQMI
At peace SERENE
Backbone parts SACRA
Bantu boss BWANA
Batter's grip enhancer PINETAR
Biased type, briefly ITAL
Big brass TUBA
Big name in fine stationery EATON
Blakley of 'Nashville' RONEE
Blue prints? EROTICA
Bob Marley, e.g. RASTA
Briefcase closer HASP
Builds anonymously? ERECTSINSECRET
Bust maker, for short NARCO
Came after ENSUED
Caught on, with 'up' WISED
Cause of some tears ONION
Cheer after 'Rah! Rah!' GOTEAMGO
Common truck capacity ONETON
Corn grower? TOE
Court action PLEA
Dear ones SIRS
Decisively defeated OVERRAN
Dench of 'Iris' JUDI
Designer von Fürstenberg EGON
Diamond flaw ERROR
Distinct feature ASPECT
Do a number SING
Entertained, in a way WINED
ESP and the like PSI
Eve's counterpart MORN
Fiddle stick BOW
Fiery feeling IRE
Film editor's choice WIPE
Film that won the 2002 NAACP Image Award ALI
First name in ABC history ROONE
First principle BASIS
Garfield's middle name ABRAM
Glance over SKIM
Goal of a race, perhaps SEAT
Gofer's work TASKS
Hamlin's 'L.A. Law' co-star DEY
He choreographed 'Revelations' to spirituals AILEY
Highest level TOPRANK
Hindu queen RANI
Ilsa, really INGRID
Imperiled plot? GARDENINDANGER
Intact, in a way UNTORN
Iris's place UVEA
Is huge compared to DWARFS
J. A. Prufrock's creator TSE
Jai tail? ALAI
Laid-back TYPEB
Language watchers CENSORS
Latin lover's word AMO
Lighting pro WIRER
Lots of land ACRES
Make overall blowups? ENLARGEINGENERAL
Make permanent, as a signature INKIN
Many-armed grp. NRA
Marked, as a ballot XED
Matching tennis drop shot? DINKINKIND
Mediator's challenge IMPASSE
Mesh fabric GAUZE
Modern Mesopotamia IRAQ
Native Oklahoman OTO
Negative first impression, perhaps BADSTART
Newsman Newman EDWIN
Not express LOCAL
Now or in the past EVER
Oft-quoted catcher YOGI
One who has to go EXILE
Ones loaded with Valentine gifts ADORERS
Orange tea that's really black PEKOE
Outstanding UNPAID
Pal of Eminem DRE
Pan for Yan WOK
Pari ___ (equably) PASSU
Pointer's clarification THISONE
Popular sportscaster? MADDENINDEMAND
Port of north Africa ORAN
Properly located exec? SUITINSITU
Prophet whose name means 'salvation' HOSEA
Quinn of 'Legends of the Fall' AIDAN
Rat-___ ATAT
Refuge OASIS
Rent twice RELET
River of Flanders YSER
Sami speaker LAPP
Scholastic archbishop of Canterbury ANSELM
Set right, maybe UNDO
Shrinks like trust funds? COWERSINESCROW
Signs of engine trouble PINGS
Sound from those who forget the words LALA
Speaking with ewe BAAING
Spock's specialty SCIENCE
Spoon-feeder? LADLER
Start of some drives TEE
Stoic from Elea ZENO
Stopping spots MOTELS
Super ___ (GameCube forerunner) NES
Symbol of composure EVENKEEL
Taking too much, for short ODING
Targets of clicks ICONS
Tennoji Park setting OSAKA
They may be connected DOTS
They may be green- or blue-winged TEALS
Traffic light color AMBER
Trick WILE
Trickle-down effect? SPILL
Two-headed fastener UBOLT
Unruffled CALM
Up-to-the-minute LATEST
Velvet finish? EEN
Wall St. debut IPO
What George couldn't tell ALIE
Wild chariot driver of yore JEHU
Windshield treatment TINT
Yemeni port ADEN
Yesteryear YORE
___ Bator ULAN
___'acte ENTR
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