How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jan 29 2019

'Am ___ brother's keeper?' imy
'Dies ___' irae
'Dig in!' eat
'Go you to Juliet ___ you go to bed' ere
'I think that I shall never see ___ lovely as...' apoem
'Naturalis Historia' writer killed during the eruption of Vesuvius plinytheelder
'Put Your Head on My Shoulder' singer anka
1970 #1 hit for the Jackson 5 abc
Approximation suffix ish
Beginning of some Keats titles odeto
Big family clan
Burton's 'Becket' co-star otoole
Butter substitute oleo
Call for need
Call maker ref
Caravan stop oasis
Children's tag game duckduckgoose
Clumsy brute ape
Conductor Klemperer otto
Copying ala
Domed church part apse
Emerging plants shoots
Excessively too
Exhilarate thrill
Extra, in price lists: Abbr addl
Fa follower sol
Feeling the flu achy
Fey of '30 Rock' tina
Flamboyant style eclat
Floor it speed
Foil for Bugs elmer
Fruit source tree
Gap buy hoodie
Gloomy atmosphere pall
Got some shut-eye slept
Grand ___ National Park teton
Great number host
Greek goddess of dark places hecate
Hefty competitor glad
Hound pooch
James of jazz etta
Jargon ending ese
Keystone Studios character kop
Learn to fit in adapt
Like some eclipses lunar
Lowdown dope
Lukewarm tepid
Made certain assured
Many a youth soccer coach dad
Moistens, in a way dews
Mortarboard attachment tassel
Natty neckwear ascot
Neglectful sheep minder of rhyme littleboyblue
Obsessed whaler ahab
On behalf of for
One of 28 in a Monopoly game deed
Onetime Comanche foe ute
Paris-to-Luxembourg dir ene
Peephole's place door
Picking it makes you a loser theshortstraw
Port on Honshu osaka
Resort feature spa
River under Tower Bridge thames
Secret plan plot
Spotted wildcat ocelot
Spread through permeate
Strut ostentatiously sashay
Symbol of industry ant
Syrupy stewed fruit desserts compotes
Take down tackle
Tender spot? bar
Town of southern Uganda entebbe
Track component rail
Trendy salad green kale
Wind-borne toy kite
Word to 'hang' from the last word of each long Down answer berry
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