How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jan 26 2019

'...____ woodchuck could chuck wood?' ifa
'Dragonwyck' author Seton anya
'Enough!' in El Salvador nomas
'Friend ___?' orfoe
'Is it worth the risk?' doidare
'La Classe de Danse' painter degas
'Leaving already?' sosoon
'Now, until the break of day, through this house each fairy stray' speaker oberon
'___ Believer' ima
1973 title role for Pacino serpico
Arboreal reptile iguana
Author of 'The Mammoth Hunters' auel
Bald baby eaglet
Beano competitor gasx
Birthplace of Jules Verne nantes
Borrow ___ from (copy) apage
Bradley who was the first Joint Chiefs chairman omar
Burden for a bellhop bag
Calf-length dress midi
Clearly not for youngsters xrated
Coarse clothing tweeds
Coded messages ciphers
Collapse ruin
Complicate a lifeguard's rescue flail
Cooped (up) pent
Crooner who played a singer in 'The Godfather' almartino
Decline sag
Ding or dent mar
Dweeb nimrod
Elevator handle otis
Engage in silliness kidaround
Erstwhile Apple player ipodnano
Extremely soft, in a score ppp
Fake gold oroide
Farm female sow
Favorite pet
Fine with Moe and Shemp larry
Former fast flyers ssts
Fresh anew
Fur fit for a king ermine
Gatwick banker? aeroplane
George was her straight man gracie
Glass on public radio ira
Good, in Grenoble bien
Google link url
Gumshoe tec
Hardens sets
He introduced the Beatles to America sullivan
He sang 'Beauty and the Beast' with Celine peabo
Head lines, for short eeg
Home of the Herald miami
Hooch holder jug
Impossible dreamer quixote
Indian tourist city agra
Interlock locks plait
Janis's husband in the comics arlo
Key error typo
Lady's man lord
Least green, maybe ripest
Less welcoming icier
Likely apt
Limb appendage
Locker room shower? espn
Lots of laughs riot
Lyric poem epode
Machu Picchu people incas
Magazine container gun
Magazine contents ammo
Makes hot rilesup
Moreau in the movies jeanne
Mormon church initials lds
Nation between Benin and Ghana togo
Nebraska tribe omahas
Needed AAA assistance, perhaps hadaflat
Neutral shade ecru
News piece about the Pentagon? militarycolumn
News report about a budget authorization bill? expenseaccount
News report about an NFL pass defender? safetyfeature
News report about Ben & Jerry? icecreamscoop
News report about numismatists and philatelists? collectorsitem
News report that's not fake news? genuinearticle
Newsmagazine covering wildfires? burningissue
Newsmagazine report about Wisconsin? cheesespread
NYSE overseer sec
Old PC monitor crt
Old Tokyo edo
One with will power heir
Palindromic Prussian otto
Pasta suffix ini
Paul's partner john
Penny prez abe
Persisted heldon
Physical, say exam
Picked ___ (quibbled) anit
Pickpockets, in slang dips
Play with matches? tennis
Played first opened
Points in the right direction orients
Polygon calculations areas
Raggedy dolls anns
Recipe direction stir
Reddish brown umber
Rodeo contestants ropers
Rogue scamp
Scarcely any few
Second word of many fairy tales upon
Sheepish reaction baa
Short move relo
Show sudden interest situp
Sides in a perennial battle sexes
Sighed line ahme
Simba's love nala
Sinatra, at times balladeer
Small racing car class midget
Soft ball brand nerf
Song dedication, e.g request
Sound of a tomato hitting the floor splat
Sparkles glistens
Spotted spied
Starbucks order soylatte
Starting pitcher's goal win
Suit component jacket
Sure-footed Alpine climbers ibexes
Syrupy desserts sundaes
T-shirt orders xls
Take eagerly leapat
Tannery sight vat
They toss and turn when you toss and turn waterbeds
Thicket of trees copse
Thumbs-down vote nay
Tommie of the 'Miracle Mets' agee
Turn back repel
Untested raw
Victor at Gettysburg meade
Went for a part read
With competence ably
With skill well
Worrisome alarming
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